the fans want to lynch their team

The home team misses the last penalty and relegates, madness is unleashed in France. The match between Saint-Etienne and Auxerre ends with a manhunt.

Terrible scenes, which have nothing to do with football and sport. Epilogue to forget for the 2021/2022 season of French football. Pure madness at the end of the play-off between Saint-Etienne andAuxerre to define the last team that can register for the next Ligue 1. At the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium, after the final whistle, everything really happened, with a real manhunt: throwing smoke bombs and objects, with the team’s players of the house and the guests forced to run to the changing rooms.

It’s hard to talk about football tonight in Saint-Etienne. The bitterness of the green-and-white team is great, third from last classified in the regular season of the transalpine top league. Precisely by virtue of this position, the home team played their stay in Ligue 1 against Auxerre third classified in the French Serie B. After the 1-1 first leg, the return match ended with the same result. The challenge thus extended to penalties. The initial mistake from Boudebouz’s spot was decisive for Saint-Etienne who thus relegated after 18 years, giving way to Auxerre.

This is the verdict made official by Birama Toure’s eleven-meter goal. However, there was not even time for the losers to cry, and for the guest winners to cheer. In fact, in a few seconds immediately after the last penalty all hell broke loose. Suddenly the home fans they poured into the pitch en masse, with a frightening invasion of the field. At that point the situation became totally out of control, and everyone tried to find shelter and leave the field.

Invasion of the field in the playoff semifinal, it is chaos: head of a fan to a footballer

In the general stampede, the disappointed home team ultras targeted the same Saint-Etienne players as well as the coaching staff, holding all responsible for the relegation. A violent revenge against those who, in the opinion of the ultras, did not give enough for the shirt. Extremely dangerous launch of smoke bombs horizontally, at head height towards the area of ​​the benches where a real bonfire was created that matched the one that the same supporters had lit in the stands, also lighting the seats. Attempts at aggression, forbidden shots, and throwing of various objects with the police forced to overtime to escort the players to the locker rooms and the firefighters in action.

The cameras present in the belly of the stadium showed several workers in pain from the blows received, and as many struggling with tears and breathing difficulties due to the smoke bombs. To clear the field, it was necessary to use force by the police who also resorted to tear gas. Only then did the local supporters rush back to the stands, just as they had arrived. And the hope is that there are no serious injuries. It would be lucky judging by the crazy scenes.