They are nothing, unpresentable, they know no shame

To launch the ferocious accusations against the two Argentine players under contract with PSG but no longer liked by the club, is the former player Jerome Rothen: “They pretend to train and take their salary, they have to leave”

To the Paris Saint Germain it is time for re-foundation, yet another. The last season, which culminated with yet another title in Ligue 1, however, brought despair and annoyance in an environment that now seems increasingly destined for the role of prophet at home, while on the international front it fails with a constancy that appears scientific in its own way. . Even the last Champions League was pure bitterness, both for how it matured on the pitch with the double confrontation with Real Madrid, and for what the Qatari property had set itself, intervening heavily on the market for the umpteenth summer.

Now, we are ready to revolutionize everything by keeping some pawns on which to build the supporting embankment: Messi, Mbappè, Donnarumma, Verratti, Hakimi, Marquinhos. These are the names that appear to be a guarantee of success, while others are now on the starting line such as Navas, Di Maria or Sergio Ramos. Still others will have to cross two important fords. The first represented by the so-called “black list” presented by Mbappè in the aftermath of his pharaonic renewal in Paris and in which there would also be the name of Neymar; the second from Luis Campos, the one who will take over as ds from Leonardo is that he is already at work to close important negotiations.

In the midst of all this, however, there are also those who have no intention of abandoning the golden Parisian boat and ended up in the cauldron of criticism, even ferocious, such as those addressed by the ex on duty, Jerome Rothen (at PSG between 2004 and 2009, ringing 139 appearances and 10 goals) who spat poison especially on two players in the squad: Mauro Icardi and Leandro Paredes. In addition to being united by the same nationality, the PSG shirt and the multi-millionaire purchases (50 and 40 million), the two are also veterans of a season to say the least of failures: the former Inter from 2019 has scored 23 goals (only 5 this season) in 64 appearances while the former Roma has found space 69 times (only 22 this year) scoring a total of 2 goals, from 2019.

Because not even the new UEFA rules can prevent the exaggerated agreement between Mbappé and PSG

Crumbs of numbers to such an extent that the company has already communicated to them that it wants to say goodbye, despite the contract still in progress (for Paredes until June 2023, for Icardi until 2024). Yet the two players would have refused to move from Paris and hence the arrows of Rothen who threw himself with heavy statements: “Shame knows no bounds, we just have to wait for some unpresentable people to remove the disturbance and leave”. The reference is precisely for the Argentine duo: “When your name is Icardi or Paredes and you make a speech like this, you pretend to train and see your teammates on the pitch while you are no longer playing, you must respect the will of the club “.

A specific will, Rothen recalls: “We give you a million a month, we spent 50 or 60 to buy you but now you are no longer wanted. A clear speech, in which they offer you to leave without making any money matters because if the club can afford it, you are not the more you decide whether to stay or not “. Also because, underlines Rothen “if you compare the salaries paid and the sporting impact given to the team, it is a tragedy. They think they belong to the star, but in reality they are nothing”.