Louis van Gaal knows why Frenkie de Jong is worth 112 million euros: ‘We don’t have to discuss it’ | Orange

with video,,Have I become a bit wiser?” Louis van Gaal repeated the question after the 1-2 win over Wales. ,,How do players behave in the Dutch national team, when they have to play for the real thing.” For the second game in the Nations League, the national coach chose eleven other players than against Belgium.

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,,You have to look as a team,” said Van Gaal to the NOS. ,,We had a lot of unnecessary loss of the ball and then you can’t attack. We want to attack, but we barely made it to the goal in the first half. Neither does Wales.”

,,Defensively it looked good, especially after we had made a substitution”, said Van Gaal about the second half. ,,They fell back far and then it became more difficult. After the beautiful goal by Koopmeiners, we started to play very sloppy again. The audience stood behind it, they started playing opportunistically, added a striker, Bale came in, then you put pressure on the kettle. Then we brought Frenkie de Jong and Steven Bergwijn and then that was over, I thought.”

National coach Louis van Gaal © ANP / EPA

,,Did we miss Frenkie? We don’t need to discuss that. I already knew that. I don’t need to see everything I know anymore. Is Frenkie indispensable? No, because we were leading 1-0 when Frenkie came in. So don’t overdo it. Frenkie does bring extra quality. That is why he is worth 112 million euros.”

,,The 1-2, that was the quality of Frenkie de Jong of course. A fantastic counter, introduced by Frenkie. This group, and I’ve said it a hundred times, is a very good group. It keeps going until the end. You saw that today.”

Debutant Jerdy Schouten is taken to the side.
Debutant Jerdy Schouten is taken to the side. © ANP

“He accomplished all the tasks from his job package,” said Van Gaal about debutant Jerdy Schouten. “That’s good. But he plays everything with his right foot and sometimes you also have to use your left foot. But he made a good debut. busy with every player, Jerdy is no exception.”

Van Gaal saw Schouten and the other debutant Jordan Teze perform better in training last week than during the international match against Wales. “Especially before halftime, they suffered too much loss of ball,” said the national coach. ,,Schouten suffered less loss of the ball than Teze.”

,,But I already said it before the game: playing in the national team is stressful. You also see that the Orange shirt weighs heavily for Gakpo. I think he is a fantastic talent, but he can do much better than he showed now. He also had a bit of bad luck last season, he was often injured.”

Matthijs de Ligt

Van Gaal does not know whether he can call on Matthijs de Ligt against Poland on Saturday. The defender was injured in the final phase. ,,Matthijs would normally have started against Poland. But now I have to wait. I’m definitely not going to overload him. If he doesn’t make it, I may call someone else. I have already said which players I like,” he referred to Sven Botman and Lutsharel Geertruida, who are with the Dutch Juniors. “I don’t have to say those names again.”