Louis van Gaal makes mincemeat of Ruud Gullit’s statements: ‘It’s just nonsense’ | Orange

Ruud Gullit’s statements about the lack of opportunities for dark-skinned trainers have gone down the wrong way with Louis van Gaal. The national coach was asked questions about it in Zeist, during the press conference in which Van Gaal looked ahead to the match against Poland on Saturday evening.

,,I am amazed that he can see in his home in Amsterdam or Italy whether a trainer is training or not”, says Van Gaal about Gullit’s statements. “It’s just nonsense. My assistant Edgar Davids gave a so-called Italian dry training this week. I didn’t want to put a physical strain on my players, Davids has played for a long time in Serie A, they do it a lot there and Davids can do that much better than me.”

,,Everyone can say anything from home and it is never contradicted”, continued Van Gaal. ,,Except if the national coach is asked, then I give my opinion. Henk Fraser has also given training under Louis van Gaal. Well, then you must be good. I did everything I could to keep Fraser at the Orange squad, but it didn’t work out. I don’t think Van Seumeren could go back.”

Louis van Gaal. © ANP

The national coach became happier when asked about the shirts of the amateur clubs in which the internationals trained. ,,I have developed my body in such a way that I can no longer wear the shirt”, laughed Van Gaal. “During breakfast it was already about the shirts, a lot of jokes were made. I think it’s a really funny action, it appeals. The boys are proud to wear the shirt. That is beautiful.”

The coach puts Vincent Janssen in the stands against Poland. The striker gets his chance against Wales, Tuesday evening in the Kuip. ,,I’m not going to say anything about the line-up, I’m not going to tell the Polish coach anything any wiser, am I? Janssen is first in the stands. Just like I did with Schouten and Martins Indi. Janssen can play at home against Wales. The Belgians against the Poles, that was up to fifteen minutes before time. After that it was mentally broken for Poland. We experienced that against Montenegro. What Poland will do to us remains to be seen. With four or five defenders. But the way in which it is done is also often different.”


Denzel has delivered a fantastic performance by playing with the amateurs for so long and still making it to Orange.

Louis van Gaal

“We want to put a lot of pressure on the ball. We always have one man more if we do it right and that is not given to everyone. We are undefeated. As a national coach I have not lost much. The progression since Norway, the start? Then we get two systems mixed up and I don’t want that. I want to play with this group in this way, then we have the best chance of becoming world champions. That is progressing smoothly. We played eleven against eleven this morning, it just couldn’t be better. Is everyone around? I think so. That atmosphere is there.”

,,Dumfries plays it at Inter, but he still has to play a little better here than at Inter. But he has delivered a fantastic performance by playing with the amateurs for so long and still make it to Orange. Then you have to be very strong in the upper room. That has to be in your genes, you don’t get it automatically. And you have to develop that.”

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