Ajax drama lurks

Alfred Schreuder does not end up in a spread bed at Ajax. There are many changes planned, which means that the coach does not want to lose one player in any case. Sébastien Haller would be allowed to leave for 35 million, but that now seems to have been crossed by the trainer. As a result, Dortmund would have dropped out by now, but that is not the greatest danger.

Ajax seems to have made it a mission to keep Sébatien Haller for the club. The Ivorian international is one of Ajax players associated with a summer transition. Alfred Schreuder, who will be the successor of Erik ten Hag (Manchester United) next season, must in any case find a solution for the departure of Noussair Mazraoui (FC Bayern Munich), André Onana (Inter Milan, not yet confirmed) and will probably also say goodbye to Ryan Gravenberch, who personally agrees with Bayern Munich. Haller, who would be in the interest of Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Manchester United, could still be added. If it is up to Schreuder, however, that will not happen.


After a season with 34 goals in 43 games, it is not surprising that other clubs are targeting Haller. It is also not a crazy idea that Schreuder and the Ajax policymakers have had the necessary discussions about the possibility of a transfer for the 27-year-old born Frenchman. The fact that not only Schreuder, but also Borussia Dortmund has put a provisional line through the arrival of Haller, seems to indicate that the Amsterdam attack will continue for the time being. According to the reports, Dortmund would find 35 million euros too much. However, since this is Haller’s estimated market value (according to Transfermarkt.nl) and a contract until 2025, that seems a bit on the low side.

Haller has been committed for another three seasons, has a market value that is as high as the asking price of recent weeks and with Schreuder’s recent statement, that asking price has risen rather than fallen – and will also be more than 35 years old in the future. million euros will be less. In fact, West Ham United already paid more than fifty million euros to sign Haller. That adventure failed. The revenge in the shirt of Ajax, where Haller is good for 47 goals and sixteen assists in 66 matches, has been very sweet so far. Since the team from Amsterdam is acting at a higher level than the English who have risen in the middle, this is a particularly good development for the club.

However, it also entails a great risk for the Amsterdammers. Various players are drawn within the selection and it is generally known that the Amsterdammers need about fifty million euros in transfer income to be able to pay the costs. If you look at the transfer market in 2022 and the knowledge that Haller as a striker of a Bundesliga middle engine already generated fifty million euros, there is really only one option for the team from Amsterdam when a bid of 35 million euros comes in: referring to the trash can with a smile.

Sebastien Haller

It seems more than clear that Ajax has no appetite to wave goodbye to another important (ex-) basic player after Onana, Mazraoui, Gravenberch at the start of the next season. The Amsterdam club management has a lot to say, after all, Haller has a permanent contract, but it remains to be seen how confident the team from Amsterdam really are. As said: 35 million euros is the market value of Haller and that does not seem an appropriate transfer fee for one of the champions of last season’s Champions League. However, the wishes of the player must also be taken into account. Although Haller has always been a satisfied Ajax player, the departure of his trainer Ten Hag in combination with a new chance in a top competition, perhaps at a top club, can lead to a major Ajax drama.

Haller is indispensable at the moment. Not only because of last season’s rain of goals, but more because of the fact that the Ivorian international is currently the only striker in the selection of the team from Amsterdam. It is quietly assumed that Brian Brobbey will also play at Ajax next season, but the team from Amsterdam only has to reach an agreement with RB Leipzig ‘just for a while’. Since Brobbey left Amsterdam transfer-free last season, that will in any case be very painful millions. Collecting a high transfer fee for Haller (at least 50 million euros) can help with this, but with one replacement for Haller, Ajax is still not helped. Then it will indeed have Brobbey under contract, but it will have to find an even younger alternative or a striker with Haller’s experience and qualities and a striker who costs about twenty million euros.

With the search for a striker in mind before Haller’s arrival, it is not one, two, three arranged. As a result, Schreuder does not even have to be completely convinced that Haller fits within his playing principles, but he is actually obliged from the first moment to build his tactical plans around the most important goalscorer of the Amsterdam team. That also seems to be the only way to match the past football year – after all, the Ajax attacks were often dominated by Haller’s position – or even surpass them. It seems more than clear that Ajax has confidence that Haller has those qualities. The most important question that is not asked: does the Ivorian international have enough confidence that he can realize his personal ambitions at Ajax?

Ajax drama

Upon arrival in Amsterdam, Haller already stated that he does not see Ajax as his absolute final destination. And why should he? The 27-year-old striker is heading into the best years of his football career, arguably having his most successful season since he entered FC Utrecht as an Auxerre mercenary. That makes it not only the summer for Haller to make a possible top transfer. Not only the Ivorian international, after all Ajax has no certainty of a new top production from the former striker of Auxerre, FC Utrecht, Eintracht Frankfurt and West Ham United. However, this is necessary to secure a top transfer (sum).

As a result, Schreuder can state that Haller is not allowed to leave, Ajax can increase the asking price and clubs can drop out for the time being. The moment the striker draws his own conclusions and wants to leave Amsterdam, things cannot but go wrong. As an Ajax player you either have an unlucky striker in your selection, who is also the most important source of goals and above all has to be free in his head. Should Haller (are allowed to) leave, there will be a larger gaping (quality) gap before the born Frenchman was brought to Amsterdam.

There really is only one solution to avoid that anyway this summer: a new contract for Haller. Judging by Schreuder’s attitude, that could of course be possible. The withdrawal from Borussia Dortmund is another icing on the cake, ending in the face by one man rather than being cut at the announcement of a longer partnership.

Erik ten Hag has a knack for breathing new life into old collaborations – Haller is already an example of this. And of course there are strikers of much greater stature associated with United: Haller has already proved to be a world striker before Ten Hag football. A striker who, based on his development at Ajax and experience in various (European) top competitions, would not look out of place. When the Ivorian international with Dusan Tadic, Steven Berghuis and Antony already has a season to remember, he can continue to build a new one with Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Jadon Sancho. Theater of Dreams.

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