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money buggersEveryone makes a mistake with small or sometimes large financial consequences. In this series, people talk about their monetary misstep. This week Bodil van Veen (44), who accidentally bought two kitchens for her new house.

When did this play?
Bodil: ,,We bought a new house, in 2020, in the middle of the corona time. It had to be renovated quite a bit, in fact we only left the walls standing. It hadn’t been done for ten years, so it was serious. The kitchen also had to be completely renovated.

We looked for a kitchen store and went there. We spent over two hours talking to one of those kitchen salesmen, you know how it goes. We selected a kitchen with that gentleman. The financing of our house had not yet been completed. We indicated that, and subject to whether we would get that house, we would take the kitchen.”

What kind of cuisine did you choose?
“There wasn’t that much space, so we kept it pretty simple: fridge, dishwasher, built-in oven and extractor hood.”

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And you signed?
,,We had agreed with that man that we would let him know when the financing of the house was completed and he told us that we had to put our signature. So we did.”

And then?
,,A few weeks later, my husband and I said to each other: Shall we look at someone else? We are quite impulsive. So we went to another kitchen store and had a quote made there as well. It was the same kitchen idea, the cupboards were slightly different, but the kitchen was otherwise identical to the first quotation. Only it saved quite a bit of money. That’s interesting, we thought, and we put our signature to it.”


If we wanted to cancel the first kitchen, we also had to pay a certain percentage because it happened weeks later

Bodil van Veen (44)

But now you had two kitchens?
,,Indeed. We initially called the first store to report that we were abandoning the kitchen. But that was not possible, because we had already signed. The house was now complete. We therefore had no proof that we had not secured the financing, and that was the only way to get out of the purchase. If we wanted to cancel the first kitchen we also had to pay a certain percentage because it happened weeks later. There was nothing for it but to cancel the second kitchen.”

Was that free of charge?
,,I wish it was true. If you canceled within 24 hours, there was a penalty clause of 500 euros and we couldn’t get around that. Secretly I had hoped that they would lower the amount because we responded within twelve hours, but they did not fall for that.”

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Do you ever think about it when you’re in the kitchen?
,,No. We went on our mouths, for 500 euros you can do a lot of fun things. In the beginning I was really mad at myself, I could cry, but now we are two years later and I think: so be it† Delicious meals are prepared in that kitchen. We just have to enjoy it more.”

What did you learn from it?
“Think very carefully before signing anything. We’ve been punished for that stupid mistake. But my husband and I are very impulsive. We sometimes spontaneously go to an amusement park for a day or a weekend away and we have sometimes booked a holiday in the middle of the night. Most of the time, our impulsiveness pays off. Except for this kitchen debacle.”

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