PSG does not win but is in the lead: the ranking of those who earn the most from the Champions League. Thus Uefa creates an elite of a few top clubs

The Paris Saint Germain is champion of Europe. What the Qatari-owned club fails to achieve on the field, in spite of the generous investments, it arrived from an economic point of view. This is what emerges from recent data published by Uefa on the distribution of income from Champions League. None in the three years 2018-2021 it grossed as much as the Parisians, who collected 322 million and 538 thousand eurosspacing 15 million on Manchester City second in the standings and by 20 the Barcelona third. It is easy to see that none of the three teams raised the trophy in the editions considered, while one of the three winners (the Chelsea) is even al tenth place with just over 198 million euros, behind Bayern Monaco (301), Liverpool (278), real Madrid (275), Juventus (262), Atletico Madrid (252) and Borussia Dortmund (210). Emblematic data on the uniqueness of orientation of the UEFA reforms, always oriented towards format and elite divisions that not only crystallize the power relations already present, but push towards a constant increase in the gap between top club and the rest.

Presented one year late for unspecified reasons, the report on the Uefa awards it concerns the 2020-21 edition of the Champions League won by Chelsea in the final against Manchester City, but it allows us to sum up the three-year cycle that has just ended. Looking at the 20/21 season alone it is easy to notice several discrepancies. If Chelsea to City are logically the biggest beneficiaries of Uefa transfers, with the Blues which are close to 120 million (119.779.000 the exact figure) and Guardiola’s team not far away (119.081.000), scrolling the ranking you come across Barcelona and Juventus which, despite the elimination in the second round, respectively occupy there seventh And the octave position. Higher than clubs such as Borussia Dortmund And Portwhich instead in the edition in question entered among the best eight on the field, reaching the quarters. The Germans collected 6 million less than Barcelona and 4 from Juventus, while the Portuguese are even out of the top ten, with 75 million received against almost 85 million for the Catalans and 83 for the Bianconeri.

A similar result originates from Uefa’s choice to reward him in a higher percentage than in the past status and the bulletin board of companies. For the period 2018-2021, the distribution criteria provided that the performances on the field would have an impact on the distribution of revenues only for 30%while an identical percentage was reserved for coefficient resulting from the club’s position in the Uefa ranking calculated on the performance of the last ten yearscombined with trophies won in the past (near or far it doesn’t matter). Returning to the aggregate data for the three-year period 2018-21, here is Paris Saint Germain which, despite a final, a semifinal and an eighth, has come to cash 44 million more than Liverpool European champion 2020, and eliminated in the round of 16 and quarter-finals in the other two seasons. Or Juventus, out once in the quarterfinals and twice in the round of 16, which surpasses the match by almost 100 million.Ajaxwhose performances were similar to those of the bianconeri, with one elimination in the semifinals, one in the round of 16 and one in the groups.

The cited sprains derive mainly from the share relating to market poolor from the income of tv rights of individual countries. In this field, PSG is favored since, bringing France only three teams in the Champions League, the slice from divide is greater. In the case of Ajax, on the other hand, the low revenues deriving from the Dutch market (Uefa struggled to find broadcasters interested in acquiring the package), just think that Tottenham Hotspur And Manchester United they are close to the revenues of the Ajacidi (166 million against the 165 of the Spurs and the 155 of the Red Devils) despite having taken part in the Champions League only twice in the three years in question. The result of this distribution system is that the clubs in the top 10 they collected 2.7 billion euros, equal to 47% of the total amount of the prizes, with the 53% shared among all remaining companies. Summarizing Uefa politics in one sentence: criteria from Superalloy to avoid the creation of the Superalloy.

A lot of money for a few and the rest of the crumbs, with no longer one but two cups as a sop, or theEuropa League and the Conference League. The economic subordination of the EL to the Champions League is absolute (data on the newly formed Conference do not yet exist, but they are easily predictable). From the numbers on the season 2020/21 it emerges that, on average, a Premier League club participating in the Champions League has cashed over 4 times more of a participant in the Europa League: 102 million against 22. The figures do not differ much even looking at the other main leagues: for the Liga the ratio is 81 million against 21, for the Bundesliga 67-12, for the A league 60-19, for the Ligue 1 63-10. A situation that the three-year period 2022-2024which has remained unchanged from the point of view of the distribution of resources, is destined to further radicalize, with a competitiveness increasingly restricted to the circle of the usual well-known elite clubs, destined to win even when they lose.