Psg, Pochettino and Leonardo on the way out. Zidane for the future?

Rumors, denials and clues, after Zizou received the approval of the French President Macron: “I would like to coach one of our great clubs”. Meanwhile, the company has formalized Campos as sports advisor to president Nasser Al Khelaifi

From agreement to simple dream, the step is short when it comes to Psg. And of Zidane. But the opposite concept may also apply, from dream to agreement, given that the ambitions of the Emir of Qatar are at stake. And so yesterday was another day of ordinary madness on the Parisian front, with ramifications between the French capital, Spain and Doha. Between announcements given for acquisitions and punctual denials, of ritual or convenience. For now, everything remains as before, with Pochettino formally on the bench. Even if at least yesterday there was the official appointment of Luis Campos to the role of sports advisor to President Nasser Al Khelaifi.


Thus Leonardo’s three-year term as sporting director also formally ended, which rumors already give about Gattuso’s approach to Valencia. Meanwhile Campos is already moving his pawns on the market chessboard. And not only by weighing Scamacca’s profiles at Skriniar, but also on that of Christophe Galtier, the Nice coach with whom he has already collaborated with Lille, building the team that last year stole the title from PSG. That of the French technician is one of the names in the short list to replace Mauricio Pochettino, who in the meantime is clinging to the last year of his contract, but the French media consider the end of the line: “He has been informed that he will not go on”, he also writes the team. The exemption would cost about 15 million, and from Nice they let it be known that there have been no requests from the PSG to take over the remaining two years of contract from Galtier.


However, the track that blew up the media front is of course that of Zidane. The fuse was rekindled yesterday morning, with the announcement by the Mundo Deportivo of a concrete agreement, complete with a trip to Doha by the former Real Madrid manager, to sign the contract in front of the emir. Hypothesis supported shortly after also by RmcSport and from Europe1, albeit with some nuances: there is an agreement in principle, but the dialogue continues. Within a couple of hours, however, the PSG denied the agency France Presse: “No contact with Zidane”. Version confirmed to the team by Zidane’s agent, Alain Migliaccio: “Never spoke directly with PSG”.

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That ‘directly’, however, holds each version up. Even if Zidane could in any case choose to stall again and then take over from Deschamps on the bench of France, after the World Cup in Qatar. Unless the link with Qatar, which dates back to the times when he was the testimonial of the emirate’s candidacy for the World Cup, does not facilitate a more constructive confrontation to land in Paris. Also complying with the wishes of President Emmanuel Macron who, after advising Mbapp√© to stay at PSG, was also unbalanced on Zizou: “I would like to coach our great club”. All in view of the 2024 Olympics in the capital, which the head of state intends to transform into a planetary showcase of savoir faire French.