Hamilton: ‘Baku was the most painful race for me ever’

Mercedes’ problems are already well known. Since the start of the season, the specially designed W13 has been plagued by extreme porpoising, a forty-year-old aerodynamic phenomenon that causes heavy bouncing.

After an update in Barcelona, ​​the issue appeared to be resolved for the Silberpfeilen, but on the bumpy streets of Monaco and Baku, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton faced a new problem. The rock-solid suspension setup ensured that the drivers were still completely shaken up.

silver washing machine

After the race, the Hamilton in particular seemed to have suffered in its silver washer. The now 37-year-old driver could barely climb out of his Mercedes and even took a breather. It was clear that Sir Lewis’s back and neck had taken a beating.

The most painful race

After the race, Hamilton told his story in front of Formula 1’s Lawrence Barretto’s microphone. Lewis was pleasantly surprised to have been dubbed ‘Driver of the Day’ by fans, but then lamented the grueling, painful race he had to fight through:

“This was the worst race ever. One of the most painful, probably the most painful races I’ve been through and also the hardest battle with a car I’ve ever experienced. So yeah, I’m glad it’s over. “

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Hope for improvement

When asked how he estimates the coming races, Lewis reacted rather pessimistically. After all, the problems with the W13 are still unresolved after eight races. The update has actually made the car’s handling on bumpy tracks much worse. Hamilton hopes – perhaps against his better judgment – that his team will soon come up with solutions:

“Yeah, it’s been such a tough year. You know, we’ve had this bounce since the beginning, and it just hasn’t gotten any better. We had one race where the car didn’t bounce that much, but then Kevin drove [Magnussen] against us. I don’t know what to expect from the upcoming races, but we really need to start making improvements.”

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For now, however, Sir Lewis will not have time to recover. The next race in Canada will start in a week. Since the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a semi-permanent track with the necessary bumps, Hamilton can already get his chest wet.