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Berlin driver deliberately drove into pedestrians

On Wednesday, a motorist deliberately drove into a group of pedestrians in the center of Berlin. According to the mayor of the German capital, the perpetrator suffers from “serious psychological problems”. In the comments, there was much discussion about psychological problems as a possible cause of these kinds of events. Reader Carco finds this offensive:

“I read too many reactions in which murderousness and psychological problems are put on the same line. In which all people with mental illness are swept on a life-threatening heap. As an autist, I want to respond to that personally.”

“I experience these reactions as unnecessarily hurtful, ignorant and harmful. What is a ‘normal’ person? More than 40 percent of all people will develop a mental illness at some point. Are all those six to seven million people ‘not normal’? you lock them up?”

“People with and without psychological problems can be aggressive and dangerous. In both cases it concerns a few percent. But we are twice as often victims of violence.”

“Shall we just focus on protecting society from dangerous people? Maybe you don’t want to contribute to excluding people with mental illness from society and putting six to seven million people on the sidelines. That would help someone like me. “

Unheard Netherlands spreads incorrect information

Ongehoord Nederland is violating the code of the public broadcaster with incorrect information, says the ombudsman of the NPO. The next move is now up to the NPO and the Media Authority.

There was much discussion in the responses about the extent to which broadcasters should be able to determine for themselves what is said. According to reader Grizzly_Beer, freedom of expression is a great thing, but the agreements made must also be respected.

“Obviously the ombudsman is right. If we agree together that we should not lie knowingly and intentionally in public programs, and have to correct this if this happens accidentally, then there must be consequences if people are cheating. Especially if these lies towards criminal libel or insult.”

“You can claim that all world leaders have been taken over by aliens or spread panic that the North Sea dykes have broken and everyone has to flee to Urk. But that kind of idiocy can be very dangerous and must be prevented. Not everything falls under ‘freedom of expression’. You must be able to substantiate your opinion with good and solid evidence.”

Festival sector is on its toes

After two years with hardly any events, many Dutch people are once again throwing themselves fully into the festival summer. But festival organizers and companies that provide services – just like many other sectors – barely find enough staff.

Many readers share their festival experiences in the discussion on NUjij. They recognize the situation and so does Mike_Cremers, a technician in the event industry. He puts his finger on the sore spot.

“The basis of this problem arose because 60 to 80 percent of everyone who works at festivals is self-employed. This self-employed person has hardly received any support during the corona crisis.”

“So they were forced to look for other work. And many have ‘discovered’ that a permanent job pays better and that you are just at home at the weekend. Festivals as a crew are not exactly the best paid jobs. Often very long days for (too) little money.”

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