Jury expels Molano from Dauphiné after striking blows: ‘I had had it with that child’ | cycling

with videoThe bizarre incidents during the Critérium du Dauphiné have consequences for Juan Sebastian Molano. The Colombian from UAE has been kicked out of the competition by the jury for beating his colleague Hugo Page.

In the final phase of the sixth stage, things went wrong between Molano and Page on Friday afternoon. Helicopter images show that the two get into a fight and that the 27-year-old Colombian deals a blow. The wearer of the green jersey manages to stay upright and continues on his way.

It also goes wrong after the finish. Page seems to want to make peace, but gets another blow to the head (see images below). The jury decided to send Molano home, but before that decision was made, he already told his story to Velonews, among others.

,,I’ve had problems with him since day one,” said Molano about Page. ,,I almost fell through him in the first stage. Today we went 80 km/h with ten kilometers to go. He changed lines. and bumped into me. I know what I did is not right, but with all the stress of that moment…”

“I hope some people will understand that I was fed up with that kid. On the first day I escaped a crash in the sprint and just imagine how many riders would have fallen with me. I don’t like to do this, but in the suspense of the race I did it.”

After the disqualification, Molano made a new statement through his team: ,,In the quick run-up to the finish, things got nervous. In the heat of battle, I made a dangerous mistake. I want to apologize to Hugo Page and to all the riders for what happened. I understand why I was disqualified and can only say I regret it and will learn from it.”

“Of course we are fighting for a position,” said 20-year-old Page. “He was not happy and hit me hard on the head. I didn’t react, because that’s not sporty. What he did is unacceptable.”

,,He insulted me, but that’s not my problem. I’m only interested in my own sprint and I don’t know what his problem was. It’s not the first time he got excited, he’s done that before compared to other riders.”