Update | Pirelli counters heavy criticism from Vettel and Verstappen Sr.

Sebastian Vettel is not happy with Pirelli after the Monaco Grand Prix. The twice postponed race on the street circuit was held on a wet road surface, but the Heppenheimer claimed that the wet weather tires had no grip at all. That has been different, the Aston Martin driver knows, and that is why the Italian tire supplier gets the full blow from him.

“I had a hard time on the wet tyres. They were just extremely slow,” he says critically of the blue-rimmed set. “They are way too hard for Monaco and even in Imola they were already too hard. It’s just a bad band,” he continues. Vettel thought he couldn’t get anything out of the lawwhere the entire grid was forced to start in the microstate.

‘I can remember days when we could have just driven here’, he continues his story at F1 Insider† Vettel has of course been involved in the sport for a while and has experienced periods when Bridgestone still supplied tires to the premier class of motorsport. So he knows what it’s like to work with other suppliers.

It must be all the more frustrating for him to be offered rubber on the wet road surface that he can do nothing with. “We couldn’t possibly have started with this band. That set is actually useless,” Vettel continues law† ‘It looks nice, but it’s no use to you. As soon as you can get to those intermediates, you do it.’

Vettel home with a point

Vettel will not go home empty-handed. He managed to score a point for Aston Martin, after also qualifying in the top ten. Strategically it didn’t go smoothly: ‘We had to try something, but unfortunately the undercut wasn’t as effective as we had hoped. We did everything we could, that’s why I’m happy with a point, although I had hoped for more.’

Update 10.05h (12/06) | Pirelli counters heavy criticism from Vettel and Verstappen Sr.

Pirelli CEO Mario Isola has responded to heavy criticism the tire supplier has faced after the Monaco Grand Prix. It was suggested from various quarters that the wet weather tires did not meet the quality requirements. Vettel criticized the rubber, but Jos Verstappen also mentioned the blue-rimmed tire set in his column.

“I find it unbelievable to see how little grip the drivers have on that” extreme law. That was not only the case in the last race, you have seen this for a long time. Something has to be done about that,” said the former Arrows driver. So Jos was also not impressed with the tire sets that Pirelli supplied in Monaco, Vettel also suggested this earlier.

Pirelli responds

Isola has now responded to the allegations of both Formula 1 celebrities: “Wet weather tires are always difficult to understand,” the Italian said. Motorsport-Total† “I don’t think Monaco is the right track to judge the wet tires on.” The narrow street circuit has different characteristics than most races of the F1 calendar.

“We only have one compound for the wet and one compound for when the track dries up further. These compounds should work everywhere, on 22 different tracks. That is why we have to make compromises,” argues the CEO. He also states that there is very limited testing with the wet weather tires, partly because the teams do not make time for this. If Pirelli does not get that opportunity, it will be difficult to develop the tire types.