Practice match canceled for fear of confrontation with hard core Ajax

Monday, June 20, 2022 at 4:33 PM• Rian Rosendaal • Last update: 16:40

The friendly match between KAA Gent and Ajax, which was scheduled for Saturday 9 July, will definitely be canceled. Mayor Mathias De Clercq of Ghent has come to this decision after an extensive safety analysis. “The chance is too great that the hard core of Ajax will come here to seek a confrontation with Ghent and other supporters,” De Clercq said on Monday. The last news

“Based on an extensive risk analysis by the security services, we have decided to ban the match,” said De Clercq, who, as a supporter of Ghent, is disappointed with the cancellation of next month’s friendly meeting with Ajax. “In their view, the risks were too great, the chance that the hard core of Ajax would seek a confrontation here with Ghent and other football supporters was real. Moreover, for gala matches, no support from the federal police, nor assistance from other police zones. decision not to let that match take place.”

In addition to disappointment, Ghent also understands the decision to ban the practice match with Ajax. “Of course we find this very unfortunate,” said spokesman Tom Vandenbulcke on Monday. “Ajax fits one hundred percent under the term ‘gala match’. But we also understand the position of the police and the city. There are risks associated with a match against Ajax, even if we played it without supporters of Ajax. Even the Amsterdam police informed us that there is still a chance that the hard core will still descend to Ghent. And safety comes first.”

A friendly match against FC Midtjylland is now scheduled for Ghent on 9 July. “That sounds much less sexy and grandiose than Ajax, but from a sporting point of view it is also a very respectable opponent,” emphasizes Vandenbulcke. “This Danish team won five trophies in eight years, twice the cup of Denmark, and three times the championship title. They also play European football every year. But this team does not have the name and the great history that Ajax has, and that we would have liked to offer our supporters.”


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