Cyclist suspected of murder arrested after 43-day manhunt Abroad

with videoThe 34-year-old gravel rider Kaitlin Armstrong is suspected of murdering 26-year-old Anna Moriah Wilson out of jealousy. After the murder, Armstrong is said to have fled and disguised herself. She has now been arrested by the police.

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02-07-22, 15:23

The manhunt lasted 43 days. The 34-year-old gravel rider was subject to an international arrest warrant after Moriah Wilson, a rising star in gravel cycling, was brutally murdered.

After the murder, Armstrong was untraceable. She fled and drastically changed her appearance. She sold her black jeep that was on surveillance footage and also dyed her hair darker. Then she bought a fake passport and headed for New York. Some time later she fled further to Costa Rica.


The search came to an end on Wednesday after Armstrong was arrested at a hotel in the Costa Rican capital, San Jose. It is unclear how the police knew she was there. Upon arrest, the police discovered her fake ID and noted that she had changed her appearance. Armstrong is now extradited to the US. There she will stand trial as a suspect for the murder of her fellow cyclist Wilson.

Wilson’s death comes as a real shock to the gravel community. The woman was very popular in the cycling world. She came out of nowhere at the very highest level. She was a former alpine skier who worked as a bicycle frame buyer. Due to an injury, she had to say goodbye to skiing and started cycling. She turned out to have a talent for that.

The night of the murder

The murder took place in Austin, a city in the US state of Texas. The evening started with Wilson jumping on the back of her ex-boyfriend Colin Strickland’s motorcycle. They went swimming together and then had something to eat. This was “just as friends,” according to Strickland. Kaitlin Armstrong, Strickland’s current girlfriend, didn’t believe any of that.

After Strickland dropped off his swim partner at home, a black jeep pulled into Wilson’s driveway. Surveillance cameras near Wilson’s house record Armstrong getting out of the jeep. A short time later, Wilson is shot. Inquiries with friends revealed that Armstrong had already made several threats against Wilson. Police found Moriah Wilson in a large pool of blood. All help came too late and Wilson died on the spot.

At this point, the possible killer Kaitlin Armstrong is already back in the US and in police custody. It is not yet clear when her trial will take place.

Cyclist Kaitlin Armstrong (left) is suspected of murdering Moriah Wilson. © AP