Update II | Wolff condemns booing against Verstappen: “Just shut up”

Max Verstappen says he does not care about the booing of the British fans towards him, he says in conversation with, among others The Race† The Red Bull Racing driver is certainly not a crowd favorite at Silverstone, but the Dutchman does not make a problem of the boos. In addition, Lewis Hamilton is standing up for his former title rival.

Verstappen was booed in particular after qualifying, when he had to give an interview. “It was a bit disappointing because I couldn’t hear the interviewer very well. That was a minor problem,” the 24-year-old explains. “But otherwise, if they want to jeer at me, so be it. It doesn’t change anything for me,” he says firmly.

The reigning world champion still enjoys going to and driving at Silverstone, despite his status with the fans: “I’m always happy to be here. It’s a great track and the atmosphere is generally good. Maybe some don’t like me that much, but that’s fine. Everyone has their own opinion, you know? I don’t care.’

Hamilton fiercely against booing against Verstappen

Hamilton, unlike Verstappen greatly loved by his home crowd, thinks it is a shame that the spectators are jeering at the Red Bull driver: “I think we are better than that. I’d say the booing isn’t necessary. We have such good fans, they feel all the emotions, but I definitely disagree with the boos. We don’t have to do that.’

The Mercedes driver believes that the spectators of a Grand Prix should be there for everyone when they visit a race. The booing should also not affect the drivers: ‘The booing doesn’t have to make a difference, someone has already made the mistake or whatever. I appreciate the support I get and maybe some of you are still feeling the pain from last year.’

Update 19.45 (02/07) | Verstappen does not make a problem of boos: ‘It is their problem’

Max Verstappen has elaborated on the booing of British fans at Silverstone. The Red Bull Racing driver is not loved by the home crowd of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, among others, but he doesn’t care about that. In addition, Verstappen hopes that the Dutch who visit the Austrian Grand Prix will not whistle Hamilton.

Verstappen says in conversation with The Telegraph that the booing doesn’t matter to him and that he doesn’t want to make a big problem out of it. The Dutchman prefers to concentrate on driving: ‘And I’m not the type to force someone to speak out against it either. It’s the same with the English press. If it had been the other way around, you’ll get a hundred questions about it. Now I got one.’

For example, Verstappen looks at the Hungarian Grand Prix last year, when the booing was aimed at then title rival Hamilton. Now Verstappen will have to deal with it, albeit not for the first time. “But again: it doesn’t bother me,” the 24-year-old continues. “I’m not going to ask if they don’t want to do it either. If they don’t like me, it’s their problem.’

Verstappen safe in motorhome: ‘If they bother me there, I’ll kick them away’

Moreover, Verstappen does not notice much of a hostile atmosphere. And if British fans want to do something, the Red Bull driver is safe in his motorhome: ‘If they bother me there, I will kick them away. It is what it is. In Formula 1, it is quite new that things like this happen. I focus on what I have to do: go fast on the track.’

The next race will be in Austria, where as usual many Dutch fans will be present. Verstappen does not hope that they in turn will jeer at Hamilton: ‘I don’t mind at all, so they don’t have to do that from me. It’s not like this gives me extra power, or anything like that. I always enjoy being here. It’s a beautiful track and the atmosphere is generally good too.’

Update II 20.32 (02/07) | Wolff condemns booing against Verstappen: “Just shut up”

Toto Wolff condemns British fans’ booing towards Max Verstappen during Great Britain’s Grand Prix weekend. Earlier, Lewis Hamilton also spoke negatively about the jeering of the Dutchman and now the Mercedes team boss is doing the same.

Wolff opposes Formula1.nl that the boos don’t belong in Formula 1: ‘It’s unsportsmanlike. The enthusiasm from the fans and the support for Lewis here is fantastic, but if you like someone a little less, just shut up. No driver deserves something like that, regardless of what happened last year and in any competition. There are limitations.’

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