International media about ‘slaughterhouse’ at Silverstone: ‘Nightmare for Max Verstappen’ | formula 1

Carlos Sainz won an eventful edition of the British GP yesterday. A first for him, but there were many more stories. Max Verstappen was pleased with seventh place and Zhou Guanyu made a horror crash. This is what the foreign media wrote.

marca called the race ‘Verstappen’s nightmare’. Max Verstappen had a terrible time at Silverstone and was not even close to the lead for most of the race. His tires were causing him problems and he was forced into the pits. The Grand Prix got off to a bad start when Guanyu Zhou was involved in a terrifying accident in which his car flipped over and crashed into the guardrails in the second corner.”

After Zhou’s serious accident saw The Guardian that Verstappen immediately let himself be trumped. “At the restart, which was hectic, Sainz, who had originally been passed by Verstappen, was much bolder and more aggressive. He pushed the Dutchman out, with the front six drivers going wheel to wheel through the first lap.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport had more understanding for Verstappen’s situation. “For Verstappen, the race became an ordeal after just 12 laps. He suffered a flat tire in the lead, but once back on track he realized the car had been damaged beyond repair and so finished only seventh. It became a slaughterhouse at Silverstone anyway.”

“While Max Verstappen surprised Carlos Sainz like a bolt of lightning, we saw a tilted car flying into the crash barriers in the background. The terrifying British GP accident reminds Formula 1 fans and connoisseurs of the importance of the halo.” L’Equipe came to the same conclusion as La Gazzetta† “Zhou escaped a horrific crash unharmed and was rescued by the halo.”

BILD even thinks that Formula 1 has escaped a major drama. “This could have ended in disaster! Colleagues and fans feared Guanyu for minutes. On TV it takes almost 20 minutes before the first rerun is shown. Without Halo, this accident would have been much worse.”

Watch Zhou Guanyu’s crash here

What the German medium also noted is that the English public has not forgotten last year’s race. “Max Verstappen was already booed by the English fans at Silverstone after qualifying. The screams were clearly heard during the broadcast and the TV interview afterwards.”

That didn’t stop Verstappen from putting in a great race. The last news even crowned his performance with an 8. „He chased Sainz so much in the first half that the Spaniard made a mistake. Then fell back with a limping car, but still pulled out everything that was in it. Kept driving furiously until the end to limit the damage with seventh place.”

Max Verstappen after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. © ANP