what are the options for the portuguese?

July 3, 2022 – With his return to Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo was responsible for one of the most controversial transfers last year. Although the Portuguese scored 18 goals in 30 league games, he was unable to prevent his side from missing out on a Champions League ticket. He would therefore like to leave Manchester. But which club is currently waiting for him?

Ronaldo blew out 36 candles at the beginning of this calendar year. Although he cannot complain about his physical condition, his years are also starting to count. As ambitious as he is, he wants to win the Champions League at least one more time. That ambition also seems to be the main reason why he would want to leave Manchester United a year after his return to Old Trafford. But at the same time, a lot of clubs drop out as a result. The very wealthy Newcastle United, for example. The ambitions are there, but the road to the Champions League is still long.

Spicy step to London
While Manchester United will undoubtedly not be in favor of a domestic transfer, a departure of Ronaldo to another Premier League club cannot be ruled out. However, Manchester City will not be him and Liverpool have already attracted a new top scorer. Remaining: Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea is one of the clubs that are said to be interested in the arrival of the Portuguese. That’s not crazy. Thomas Tüchel’s team lacks a real goalscorer. Timo Werner misses too many opportunities and the reunion with Romelu Lukaku ended in a big disappointment.

Where a transfer to Chelsea is certainly an option, that does not actually apply to Tottenham Hotspur. The North Londoners have qualified for the group stage of the Champions League, but currently have no place for the Portuguese. Harry Kane is still a Tottenham player, as is Heung-min Son. In addition, Tottenham attracted Richarlison last week. Antonio Conte therefore has enough goalscorers in his selection.

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Lewandowski’s replacement
That also currently applies to Bayern Munich, were it not for the fact that it is still unclear where Robert Lewandowksi’s future lies. The Pole has a clear wish to leave and hopes to make the switch to FC Barcelona this summer. Bayern Munich will not let the striker go for the time being, but it is expected that it will eventually come to an end. And then Der Rekordmeister will have to look for goals. Lewandowksi made 35 last season in the Bundesliga. Christian Falk of the German BILD denies that there is currently Bavarian interest, but a departure from Lewandowski could change that.

Return to Italy
Napoli is also mentioned as a possible new destination for Ronaldo. The Neapolitans qualified for the group stage of the Champions League and could therefore tempt the Portuguese to return to Italy. But is Ronaldo waiting for that himself? He left Juventus for Manchester United last year. The Juve supporters have great respect for Ronaldo, but little will be left of that once the attacker puts on the rival’s shirt.

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