Schumacher’s race | Schumacher in battle with Verstappen: ‘Let’s get him’

In ‘The Race of’ Loves monitor the activities of a Formula 1 driver every Grand Prix. In doing so, we bring into focus the exceptional, mediocre and disappointing rider performances that you may have completely missed during the race. This week we follow Mick Schumacher, who finished eighth after a fight with Max Verstappen. It meant the German finished in the points for the first time in his Formula 1 career.

The German had a less good start to the weekend in Silverstone. While the drivers were ravaged by the rain in the first free practice, Schumacher managed to set the fifth fastest time. In free practice two it became clear what the Haas’ real speed would be at Silverstone, when the Haas driver set the nineteenth time. In free practice three, Schumacher recovered slightly by finishing in P9.

Saturday arrived, and it didn’t look good for Haas. Both Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen were eliminated in Q1. Schumacher was allowed to start the race from P19, a difficult position for the German who is already under the necessary pressure.

‘There are people on the job here’

Schumacher has a good view of the crash. ‘Is everyone okay, there must be a red flag!’, the German indicates. His team responds: ‘We understand, there is a red flag.’ A number of people will also enter the track, Schumacher indicates: ‘How many cars have been disabled? There are people on the job here.’ Haas says it will report it. “There are five people on the track, I think. They’re on the track now.’

After the teams have been indoors for a long time, it is time for the stables to get ready for the restart. ‘What position do I start behind the safety car?’, Schumacher wonders. “You start in sixteenth place, behind Magnussen and Sebastian Vettel and,” the team said. “That’s on the left, isn’t it?” “No, that’s on the right, Magnussen is on the right in P14, Vettel in front of you on the left and you on the right.”

“Shall I try him?”

Schumacher is behind teammate Magnussen quite soon after the restart, who has been overtaken by Vettel. Schumacher says he suffers from understeer, but remains close to his teammate. ‘Just an update, you’re currently P12. There are a number of cars behind you,” the team said via the on-board radio.

Daniel Ricciardo has had a bad weekend, and the Australian also appears to have problems in the race: ‘Ricciardo has problems, several people are having a hard time. Your chance is coming,” Schumacher is motivated. “Shall I give him a try?”, said the Haas driver, who also has to pass teammate Magnussen. A few bends later that is the case, when the German brakes late and crosses the Dane via the outside bend.

‘You are probably faster than Latifi’

Schumacher makes a pit stop from the medium to the hard tyre. “Pierre Gasly and Lance Stroll have been on this tire for a while, it looks good. You’re probably faster than Nicholas Latifi.’ A phrase that may sound familiar to the German, but normally in the rear rather than in a fight for the points.

After the 23-year-old complains about his new tires, he is told: ‘We need to get some temperature in the tires so we have good tires. We’re going to the finish line with these tires. Latifi may not be able to handle his rubber.’

Safety car after Ocon . breakdown

For Esteban Ocon it was a weekend to forget, the Frenchman had a lousy qualifying, and also retired towards the end of the race due to technical problems. This resulted in a safety car, which prompted Haas to bring Schumacher in for a pit stop. The Ferrari reserve driver, like much of the field, went to the soft tire for the final phase.

The Haas driver got behind Verstappen, and went into battle with the Dutchman for P7. ‘Let’s get him’, Schumacher shouts confidently. When he then asks how fast the Red Bull Racing driver is, his team replies: “You are slightly faster than him.”

Exciting final fight between Verstappen and Schumacher

The Dutchman and the 23-year-old made it a nice final phase. The Haas driver’s first attack in the inside corner was repulsed by Verstappen. Moments later on the straight, the German tried again, but he didn’t have enough speed. In the next corner, Verstappen slammed the door, so that Schumacher couldn’t pass on the inside.

The 23-year-old was eager and kept trying, but the Dutchman defended well with a damaged car. One of the last ultimate attacks was again on the straight, but Verstappen held out forcing Schumacher to go wide. This moment was noted, but did not result in a penalty for Verstappen. ‘Points friend, points. You did it!’, the Haas driver’s achievement was received with cheers.