Update | Horner gets support from Mercedes and other team boss about matrix for porpoising

Christian Horner finds the current regulations around porposing and the floors unclearly worded. According to the team boss of Red Bull Racing, the rules should be written down more clearly. This Friday, the team bosses and other key players in Formula 1 will meet to discuss the technical guidelines drawn up by the FIA. According to Horner, these guidelines are not necessary, as the teams have shown that they can solve the problems themselves.

The FIA ​​has drawn up technical guidelines regarding the vertical swings of the cars. The plank on the underside of the cars is also looked at. This is only allowed to bend by two millimeters, but that is not clearly stated in the regulations, since only the front of the floor is looked at. No measurements are taken around the driver’s seat, so some teams have pushed the limit in their design.

After all, Red Bull and Ferrari would have a plank that bends too far. According to Horner, it is mainly due to the regulations themselves. ‘That’s the problem, isn’t it? The rules just have to be crystal clear,” the Briton is quoted as saying by The Race† ‘We are always dealing with encyclopedias that are sometimes far too difficult to understand. Moreover, you cannot have intentions with the regulations, it just has to be clear. We’ll be discussing a lot at the upcoming committee meeting, so maybe two hours isn’t enough.’

Horner against technical guidelines

The previously drawn up technical guidelines regarding porposing would especially affect the Mercedes team. Now Red Bull and Ferrari also seem to be the victims, but Horner is no longer in agreement. “We also need to talk about the process, because technical guidelines should not equate to regulation changes. You have a whole process for that. We now have to look at the importance of the guidelines. In the race there seemed almost no porposing so it looks like teams can sort it out on their own, so the technical guidelines aren’t necessary,” said the Red Bull team boss.

Update 14.30 (05/07) | Horner receives support from Mercedes and other team boss

Christian Horner has received acclaim for his statements about the FIA’s technical guidelines. The governing body is trying porposing and has devised a matrix for this. However, some teams are not happy with the intervention of the FIA. ‘What comes next? A rain matrix forcing us to switch from slicks to intermediates after a certain amount of rain has fallen,” an unnamed team boss is quoted as saying by Motorsport.com

Mercedes also applauds the team boss of Red Bull Racing. Andrew Shovlin himself does not know whether the FIA ​​should intervene with a matrix. “The point we have made clear to the FIA, and we are very much in favor of their efforts, is that we can solve these problems ourselves. To be fair, that matrix of the FIA ​​is not a distraction for us. We hope that whatever they come up with, we fall within the limits. We just want to set up the car the way we want,” said the Mercedes engineer.