Fight during promotion game in Eefde not without consequences: VV Doetinchem and KNVB intervene | back corner

with videoAt least four players from VV Doetinchem have to take into account a hefty suspension from the KNVB after the fight in the promotion game against Witkampers in Eefde. The club itself also wants to get rid of mutinous members and expels them.

Remko Alberink

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This means that these people are no longer welcome at the club. ,,We want clean start”, says chairman Iwan Schoppema of the Sunday third grader. This after the final of the play-offs for a place in the second division between Witkampers and Doetinchem, more than two weeks ago, was stopped in the 119th minute.

When leaving the field of the sports park in Eefde, things went completely wrong: a fierce fight ensued, in which supporters and players came to blows. Videos show that a lot of violence was used. Trash cans were thrown and people were beaten with a flagpole. VV Doetinchem players are recognizable in the picture.


Witkampers was leading 3-2 when the game was stopped. The KNVB has determined that the match will no longer be played and that 3-2 is considered the final score. That means that Witkampers will be promoted.

And that is no problem at all for Doetinchem president Schoppema. ,,I am completely at peace with Witkampers being promoted. That’s a great team,” he says. Although he would have liked to hear the news earlier from the football association. ,,I find it very strange that Witkampers heard about this before the weekend, and that I hadn’t heard anything from the KNVB until Wednesday morning.” In a response, the KNVB confirms the result.

Some images of the riots at the amateur match of VV Doetinchem against Witkampers, in Eefde. © video stills

Penalties ‘not mild’

Schoppema knows that the KNVB is preparing disciplinary cases against four players from his club. ,,They have four shirt numbers of players they suspect of involvement. The sentences against them will not be lenient. A six-month suspension is the least we can expect, the KNVB said. The association itself states that “the individual disciplinary cases are still being dealt with, about which nothing can be said at the moment.”

Internally, Doetinchem is also busy cutting away some bad apples, says Schoppema. ,,The club does not support and disapproves of the violent expressions of supporters. We take appropriate action, which can range from reprimands to expelling members. That also applies to things that are not on video.”

Players called Doetinchem ‘monkeys’

It irritates the president that many people, including the KNVB, draw conclusions based on video images, but that no one seems interested in the reason for the fight. ,,Does everyone know what has been shouted at our players? That they should ‘fool to their own country’ and ‘monkeys’. Those kinds of lyrics. That came from the groups of Eefde and Witkampers.”