Martens calls for more days off after serious injury of star player Putellas NOW

Lieke Martens believes that the players in women’s football should be given more days off. The star of the Orange Women sees the serious injury of former teammate and star player Alèxia Putellas as proof that too much is being asked of the players.

“This says something about the intensity of the season and that is a bit underestimated,” Martens said on Wednesday after the Orange Women’s training in Carrington, England, about Putellas’ injury.

“You have had a very tough season. In the winter break you have to make do with five days and in the summer we get two weeks off before the new season is around the door. More rest must be built in. The way of training is all good, but the body also needs rest sometimes.”

Just like in men’s football, the overcrowded playing calendar in women’s football has been a cause for concern for some time. Twelve top European clubs recently raised the alarm in the English newspaper The Daily Telegraph† They are not only afraid of serious injuries because players can only go on holiday for a short time due to the European Championship, but also burn-outs.

Martens saw many players drop out with injuries at her old club FC Barcelona last season. She herself was also out for two months in the spring due to a knee and hamstring injury. Putellas joined on Tuesday: the winner of last year’s Golden Ball and the big star in women’s football tore her anterior cruciate ligament during a training session with Spain, forcing the midfielder to miss the tournament.

According to Martens, this is not a coincidence. “We travel a lot, play two games a week and train every day. I think there may be times when we have more rest. There just aren’t any. You just have to keep going and always perform.”

“I want that too, but sometimes your body can’t get through. Then it’s good to be inhibited by the medical staff. From: okay now that’s enough. Injuries are part of the job football, but I don’t want to talk too much about it either. It’s just football, it’s our job and we always have to deliver. But I just feel really bad for Alexia after such a tough season.”

Lieke Martens is not afraid of a new injury after the loss of her former teammate Alèxia Putellas.

Lieke Martens is not afraid of a new injury after the loss of her former teammate Alèxia Putellas.

Lieke Martens is not afraid of a new injury after the loss of her former teammate Alèxia Putellas.

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‘You wouldn’t wish such an injury on anyone’

Martens contacted Putellas on Tuesday when she heard of the news that is a major stain on the European Championship. The two have played together at FC Barcelona for the past five years. Martens recently moved to Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer. “She is a very good player and important for the national team and women’s football. You don’t wish this on anyone.”

For Martens, the injury of her former teammate is no reason to be afraid of a new injury. “If I have to think about how many taps I get per game, I better not start the game. That is the wrong mindset.”

“You are now insisting on how much I missed. I missed the best part of the season. I really hate that. But after Alexia I had the best statistics at Barcelona (23 goals and 17 assists, ed.). I can It’s best to look back on a good season.”

Lieke Martens can’t wait for the European Championship to start.

Lieke Martens can't wait for the European Championship to start.

Lieke Martens can’t wait for the European Championship to start.

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‘I feel good and I’m really looking forward to the European Championship’

Martens now feels completely old. More than a month ago she made her comeback at FC Barcelona and more than a week ago against Belarus she played ninety minutes for the Orange Women for the first time in a long time. In that game, she took the Netherlands in tow with two assists in the old-fashioned way.

During the training camp, Martens also completed her transfer from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain. “I am very happy with it. I could have chosen to stay longer at Barcelona, ​​but PSG is also one of the top five best clubs in Europe. They crave to win big trophies. I have a lot there And of course it’s only within driving distance of the Netherlands.”

Before she starts her French adventure, the European Championship first awaits for 29-year-old Martens. With the Netherlands she defends the European title in England. “It will be a tough tournament. We are going to play a lot of matches in a short time. We will see how the body will deal with that. I am looking forward to it and I feel good. I want to hit Sweden.”

For the Netherlands, the European Championship starts next Saturday with a group match against Sweden. The game will be played at 9 p.m. (Dutch time) at the Sheffield United stadium. Sweden was the losing finalist at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and is one of the favorites for the overall victory.

European Championship program Orange women

  • July 9 in Sheffield: Netherlands-Sweden (9 p.m.)
  • July 13 in Leigh: Netherlands-Portugal (9 p.m.)
  • July 17 in Sheffield: Switzerland-Netherlands (6 p.m.)