Megatransfer PSV prevents Van Ginkel problem

The return of Marco van Ginkel to PSV becomes more painful with the transfer period. The midfielder made the final move to the Phillips Stadium after a number of rental periods last football year. The Dutchman started as captain of the team. The former player of Chelsea, AC Milan and Vitesse did not lose that band. His base is. Also for the new season, playing minutes seem to be scarce for the 29-year-old midfielder.

Marco van Ginkel was definitively taken over from Chelsea by PSV last season, but we did not see the midfielder who broke through in Dutch football from 2010 onwards. The Dutchman played twenty-three times in the Eredivisie last season, but only completed the ninety minutes under Roger Schmidt once. In total, Van Ginkel was allowed to add 38 matches for PSV last season, but the captain has had (much) less impact than in the first years in Eindhoven. With Ruud van Nistelrooy as the new trainer and players such as Xavi Simons and Guus Til as summer signings, the midfielder’s perspective is not getting any better.

PSV and Marco van Ginkel

Sometimes you have to call in YouTube to get the real Van Ginkel on your retina again. Those first three years in the Eredivisie, in the shirt of Vitesse and together with later PSV teammate Davy Pröpper in midfield, Van Ginkel started a promising football career. You can hardly get a dynamic midfielder more dynamic. Van Ginkel has the technique of a Dutchman, the running ability of an African and the posture of an English midfielder. That mix proved to be extremely effective in the first three years at Vitesse. Van Ginkel played a total of 111 games before the talented midfielder became untenable for the Arnhem team. At the time, Ajax was an important candidate, but Van Ginkel eventually transferred to Chelsea.

Van Ginkel ‘only’ played four times for the London first team. The fact that the Dutchman tore his cruciate ligament just after his transfer and was sidelined for months caused a false start at Stamford Bridge. Once fit again, rental periods at AC Milan and Stoke City did not become the successes that Van Ginkel hoped. The 29-year-old midfielder only came close to the Van Ginkel who shone in the Gelredome in the PSV shirt. As with Chelsea and AC Milan, physical injuries, especially a lingering knee injury that kept him sidelined between 2018 and 2021, prevented Van Ginkel from playing all games.

The midfielder’s return was admirable. Roger Schmidt also initially did not (any longer) opt for a match-fit Van Ginkel in his midfield. That the place of the dynamic midfielder from before no longer existed under the German coach, Van Ginkel had to play a football in the past two seasons for which he was not actually made. In that sense, the football that Ruud van Nistelrooy has in mind is a lot more suitable for a player like Van Ginkel, but that applies to several midfielders in the PSV selection. This ensures that even apart from the arrival of Xavi Simons and Guus Til, it is a battle for playing minutes.

Ruud van Nistelrooy

For trainer Van Nistelrooy that is of course only positive. However, it is still questionable which pawns the starting head coach can choose from. It seems unlikely that the Dutchman will go for the same recipe in his midfield as the past two seasons. That does not mean that Van Nistelrooy cannot opt ​​for the same formation (two central midfielders and one attacking midfielder). The interpretation of the player roles will be less geared to extreme pressure football by Schmidt, it is expected to be more attacking than the philosophy with which Philip Cocu stringed the national championships together and therefore more in the direction of the football that Ajax under Erik ten Hag and Feyenoord with Arne Slot as head coach. go.

It seems unlikely that Van Nistelrooy will play with two defensive midfielders, like Schmidt. Ibrahim Sangaré kept moving forward, but the main task of the Ivorian international was to make sure no one got through the center. His colleague Erick Gutierrez had much the same task and took over the role of ‘lock on the door’ during the course of last season. From an offensive point of view, Van Ginkel is a lot more useful than Sangaré in terms of game insight and passing ability, making it possible to restore Schmidt’s ‘original’ midfield. The fact that Sangaré and Van Ginkel were not a good duo with the German does not mean that Van Nistelrooy does find a way to keep the balance in the team and to ensure that a player from the central midfield can go deep.

In that case Sangaré becomes the lock on the door again. With that, the requirements for the other two midfielders also change – whether with the point forward or back. When you play with two wingers coming in, and you have an attacking midfielder ‘high’ in the build-up, do you like a player who prefers to dribble to freedoms with the ball at the foot and divide the game from there? Since PSV is given little space in the Eredivisie, that is only of real added value in Europe. The opponents are better there and as a top Dutch club you get more space to play football. In the Eredivisie, those spaces are much smaller because teams choose to withdraw. Then you also need other types of players to break through the close defense of the opponent.

PSV mega transfer

If you need someone in the tight space, Mauro Junior and Xavi Simons are more agile than Van Ginkel. Do you need a man to split the game? Always the first to play Joey Veerman. Is there still someone who can pound through the lines if they have to? With the arrival of Til, yes. With Sangaré as the most important lock on the door, there is little prospect left for Van Ginkel. The Dutchman still has a contract until 2023, has an estimated market value of 1.75 million euros and can therefore be picked up cheaply and could possibly take a step back to the Eredivisie sub-top or a (smaller) competition abroad.

On the other hand, Van Nistelrooy also benefits a lot from keeping Van Ginkel. The 29-year-old midfielder may not be good enough (anymore) for a permanent place in the first eleven. Van Ginkel can play in all positions in midfield, despite all his injuries, he has not yet forgotten about playing football and brings a cartload of experience that talents can rely on. The fact that Van Ginkel still remained as Schmidt’s captain also says something about Van Ginkel’s position in the team process in the locker room and further outside the lines.

If Van Ginkel really wants to have a chance at a base place at PSV, Sangaré will have to make his top transfer. Since the Eindhoven residents want to do everything they can to keep the Ivorian international in service for at least another year, only a mega amount can change Sangaré’s employer. But Van Ginkel can also be a useful force next season with the former Toulouse player in the PSV selection. If he comes into action every week in the last years of his career, a transfer seems inevitable.

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