‘Orange preparation doesn’t say much’


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After weeks of preparation, the time has finally come. England kick off the European Women’s Football Championship tonight with the game against Austria. The Netherlands will only take action against top country Sweden on Saturday evening at 9 p.m.

NOS football commentator Frank Wielaard and analyst Leonne Stentler tell you about the European Championship, the favorites and of course how the flag hangs for defending champions Orange.

What can we expect from the Orange squad in the group stage of the tournament?

Stentler: “They have to get through that group phase anyway. It is between Sweden and the Netherlands. The big test is immediately on Saturday. Sweden is completely ready and the Netherlands is still a bit behind. good players, if everything goes well we certainly have a chance.”

Wielaard: “With the status of the Netherlands and given the opposition, you can expect that they will be first or second in the group. That they will at least make it to the quarterfinals. But Sweden is in it, they could well become European champions. “


“The first game against Sweden is going to say a lot. The preparation itself doesn’t say much, Parsons used it to practice things. Now it starts to count. If you participate with Sweden, you can participate in the European Championship.”

Five years ago, Orange won the European Championship. What is left of the football of that time?

Wielaard: “Actually nothing about football. Then it was a counter team, now it is a team that has the ball and others counter against you. They earned that status with the title in 2017. Other teams now say: You are so good , here’s the ball!”

Stentler: “It is difficult to compare with each other. It seems like a different universe. There were no expectations then, it was just a big party that the tournament was in the Netherlands. The team grew and gained confidence. You can never do that again. experienced.”

There is always a chance of that title, but we have to be realistic.

Former international Leonne Stentler, now analyst for the NOS

Wielaard: “In the meantime, they have learned how to have the ball, build up an attack and take the time. They are patient. But first we could lean on the rear and that is no longer possible with full confidence.”

Stentler: “In 2017, the Netherlands showed that it can play football, build up and dominate. There is always a chance to extend your title, but given the other teams we have to be realistic.”

Analyst Stentler still lacks ‘right flow’ at Orange women

Who should we watch out for during this European Championship? Who is the favorite for the title?

Wielaard: “Besides Sweden, England and France are also two big favorites. Spain can still play football very well, but they now miss both their top scorer and their game determiner.”

“England plays at home, has a very wide selection. But Sweden has really good players. They have Fridolina Rolfo, who is strong, quick and easily scores goals. Then put it down!”

Stentler: “Certainly Sweden and England. The latter has the most dangerous cocktail in their hands. France has good players, but there are some aspects of France that increase the chances for the Netherlands.”

“The country never gets further than the quarterfinals in a final tournament. There is always something going on there. After the World Cup in 2019, the former first keeper said that with this coach (Corinne Diacre, ed.) they would never win a prize on a tournament.”

National coach Mark Parsons has not really stolen the hearts of the critics yet, what can we expect from him?

Stentler: “The fact that he has not yet stolen the hearts is a consequence of the KNVB and its policy. He still suffers from that. Ultimately, he also made that choice himself. In combination with the unconvincing World Cup qualifiers, looked a bit skeptical.”


“Sometimes I get a bit of the same feeling as with Frank de Boer. The country was not completely convinced, slowly there is a little hope, but at the same time you feel the vulnerability. But I like to be surprised. He is a fantastic club coach, but we We don’t know yet how he will use that experience at such a big tournament.”

Wielaard: “We can expect from him that he has fully prepared the Netherlands for this tournament. From now on, nothing that has happened anymore counts, it is only about the tournament.”

“He was late, a number of times. That doesn’t speak for him, but you can’t keep repeating it to him until Sint-Juttemis. But if the Netherlands does not perform, it will continue to haunt him. Whether that is right or not. “