Di Maria at Juventus: 5 curiosities about the Argentine

Angel Di Maria arrived in Turin to sign the new contract with Juventus. The Argentine arrives in Italy a 34 years after the winning experiences at Benfica, real Madrid, Manchester United And PSG. The bianconeri will be the fifth European club, sixth in total if we obviously also consider the Rosario Central in Argentina, where the Argentine grew up. Many games, many trophies and above all an acquaintance with Di Maria who does not need technical presentations. This is why we wanted to collect the five less known curiosities of the attacker.

Nickname El Fideo

A nickname that has become famous that characterizes Di Maria since childhood. In fact it was given to him at the time of Club Atlético El Toritoa small Argentine club in the city of Rosaryhis first real football team as a kid. Spaghetti it’s the translation, and with his slender build it’s easy to see why. The love for the ball has always been there, practically since the cradle.

Dad charcoal burner

A story like many others, especially in South America, daughters of a simple childhood. Almost every day his mother accompanied him by bicycle to training with the Rosario Central and once he grew up, while he was in the youth academy, she helped his father to distributing wood and coal, often arriving at training with dirty hands and with some small wounds. A memory that Di Maria never hid in his interviews: If you hadn’t become a footballer I think I would have worked with my dad, I would have been a charcoal burner. Because I was not good at studying, I didn’t like school very much, I certainly would have helped him.

The famous 20 footballs

There is a story that not everyone knows about Angel Di Maria and his first sale. In football, the child Angel grows up in Club Atlético El Torito, Rosario’s little team. But since he was a child his skill had not gone unnoticed by the parts of Rosario Centralwho to have him in his youth paid him with 20 new balls to donate to the small club. A paltry investment which then yielded much more to the Argentine club than in the summer of 2005 sold it for 6 million euros to Benfica.

The link with Maradona and Naples

“Maradona it was everything to me. He was like a second dad. He defended me when no one defended me, ”Di Maria recalled shortly after the disappearance of Pibe de Oro. «When the press and the fans criticized me, he was always on the front line to defend me and continued to line up on the pitch to give me the opportunity to demonstrate my qualities. He came to my room every night to talk to me, he cheered me on and told me the stories of when he played in Naples to charge me ».

The city of Rosario

Di Maria’s bond with Argentina is visceral. She has it tattooed on our body, and never misses an opportunity on social media to remember how Argentina is his home. But most of all Rosary, his friends and his first club, to which every year he offers a fundamental donation to the corporate coffers. And then every trophy won, from France to Spain, celebrated with the flag on his shoulder and the inscription Rosario. The club where he will return at the end of his careeras admitted on several occasions also during the negotiations with Juventus.

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