F1 in brief | GPDA chairman wants to talk to FIA after Zhou . crash

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GPDA chairman wants to talk to FIA after Zhou . crash

Zhou Guanyu’s horror crash has raised many question marks. The anti roll bar of the Alfa Romeo car broke down on the car, which normally should not happen. Because of this, it was ultimately the halo that saved Zhou’s life. Alexander Wurz, the president of the GPDA, wants to meet with Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the president of the FIA. ‘The last time a anti roll bar broke down with Pedro Diniz in 1999. This led to stricter crash tests, requested by GPDA. Dear Mr. President, please check your inbox, we have more work to do,” Wurz wrote on Twitter.

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Marko about ‘problem child’ Tsunoda: ‘He goes to a psychologist’

Helmut Marko has with ServusTV indicated that Yuki Tsunoda has a few sessions with the psychologist to get his anger under control. The Japanese can sometimes be heard angry about the on-board radio during a Grand Prix weekend. “Fortunately, our Max is still calm,” laughs the Red Bull Racing advisor. “Our problem child is Tsunoda. He’s quite explosive about the onboard radio. Sometimes he complains when he goes around the corners, which is not good for his speed. We sent him to a psychologist to get it under control.’

Coulthard predicts reliability problems at Red Bull

David Coulthard thinks the reliability problems at Red Bull Racing will come. According to the Scot, it is nonsense that the title fight has already been decided. The 51-year-old Scot said: “Anyone who says the title race is over hasn’t looked at Formula 1 long enough, things are changing so quickly.

Reliability problems are something that Red Bull will still have to deal with, they also suffered from it at the start of the season. Ferrari made a few strategic mistakes, and the reliability cost them some points. In addition, I think Leclerc has been clear this year, and I think he has a very fast teammate in Carlos Sainz.’

Stuck: ‘Schumacher is at the top of the list with a top team’

Haas driver Mick Schumacher showed his talent at Silverstone. The German scored his first World Cup points with eighth place, and almost overtook world champion Max Verstappen. Former Formula 1 driver Hans-Joachin Stuck says about Schumacher’s performance: “He has delivered a perfect business card without having a top car. And when the driver’s carousel starts spinning at a top team, Schumacher is at the top of the list.”

Pirelli: ‘Our composition allows for different strategies’

For the race in Austria Pirelli will bring the following compounds to the Red Bull Ring: Hard C3 tyre, Medium C4 tire and Soft C5 tyre. “The Red Bull Ring tarmac offers a fairly low grip on a low gravity track, allowing us to carry the softest tires in the range. Our composition nomination allows for different strategies,” said Pirelli’s Mario Isola.

Marko praises FIA: ‘Without Halo, Zhou would not have survived’

Helmut Marko is with ServusTV discussed Zhou Guanyu’s crash at the start of the Grand Prix of Great Britain. The Red Bull Racing adviser held his breath when he saw the crash. ‘We didn’t see any images for a while. That often means that things are not going well. So in the end he turned out to be okay, but I was also skeptical at the beginning. He certainly wouldn’t have survived without the halo. I’m glad the FIA ​​pushed the security measures through.”

Zhou’s Alfa Romeo car ended up behind the tire stack and slammed into a fence protecting the public. According to Marko, the FIA ​​will take the right steps to make Formula 1 even safer. “Every crash is different. The FIA ​​always reacts very quickly to it, and things like this won’t happen again in the future. The statistics show that too: the last fatal incident was in Suzuka when a driver ended up under the crane,” Marko refers to the crash of Jules Bianchi in 2014.

Sauber: ‘We really needed a guardian angel’

Peter Sauber did not dare to watch Zhou Guanyu’s horror crash during the British Grand Prix. The former owner of the Swiss racing stable thinks the Chinese driver was lucky. “Only a crane could get him out of trouble,” Sauber said Blick† “Imagine if a fire had broken out. At Sauber, we have never had a driver sustain permanent injuries after a crash, but now we really needed a guardian angel.”

Capito declares hospitalization for Albon after starting crash at Silverstone

Alexander Albon was involved in the starting crash of the British Grand Prix. Zhou Guanyu’s crash seemed more intense, but Albon had to stay in the hospital overnight, while Zhou was released earlier. Williams team principal Jost Capito has a statement: “The first impact was very hard, and Alexander said his back was hurting,” the German is quoted by Speed ​​Week† “Then you leave nothing to chance.”

‘50,000 Dutch people expected at Red Bull Ring’

About 50,000 Dutch people are expected at the Red Bull Ring this weekend. This suggests Telegraaf reporter Erik van Haren. Previous reports suggested that this number would be closer to 30,000, so this is a significant increase.

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Ilott praises Russell: ‘He’s been a great person since day one’

George Russell was credited for getting out of his car to run to Guanyu Zhou and check if the Chinese was okay. It meant the end of his home race for the Briton, but it also shows what kind of person Russell is. So does current IndyCar racer Callum Ilott. He took to Twitter to pay tribute to Russell’s courageous action after the crash, writing: ‘The first time I flipped a kart, Russell stopped on the track to lift it off me. He has been a good person since day one, a great role model for everyone.”