Juventus Women, the Champions dream ends: Lyon in the semifinals

LYON – The company is missing, the honor remains for the Juventus Women. The honor of having played evenly against a monstrous Lyon and, above all, of having beaten the French in the first leg. A success that, even in the light of tonight’s match, takes on even greater value. Because Lyon is and remains a stronger and, above all, more experienced team in an event like the Champions League and in matches like these, in which calm, awareness and cynicism can make the difference. Juventus’ adventure ends in front of the over twelve thousand spectators of the Lyon stadium, with a well-deserved defeat, because it is true that Lyon exploits two black and white distractions in the final of the first half, but the balance of the match almost always hangs on the side of the French ( as evidenced by the many saving parades of Peyraud-Magnin). Only the first twenty minutes had given the illusion of the enterprise, with Juventus having held the pitch very well and at 23 ‘had also seized the first clear opportunity: great descent on the left of the indomitable Bonansea (one of the best Bianconeri, often caught fighting lion in defense), cross in the center for Hurtig who makes the wrong choice, crossing the right and being blocked, instead of trying the shot on the left of the goalkeeper.

THE ONE TWO – But just when Juventus was gaining confidence, Lyon started pushing with more conviction and continuity. And in two minutes, with two headers, Lyon overturns the 2-1 of the first leg: in the 33rd minute it is Hegerberg who gore the net, slipping between Gama and Sembrant, who perhaps lack reactivity. Less than two minutes pass and in the 35 ‘comes the doubling of Malard, still with his head, goring a cross from the right, after having cleverly pushed Lenzini, who wastes time and allows the opponent a simpler conclusion. The two goals stun the Women who, between the end of the first half and the beginning of the second half, lower themselves with some too much trouble. And when timid signs of a competitive recovery are registered on the Juventus front, the blow from Lyon arrives, with the goal, many beautiful from Macario. Exchange Horan and Cascarino, cross for Macario who manages to turn around, leaving Gama stunned, and overcoming Peyraud-Magnin for the third time at 28 ‘of the second half.

FLASH OF PRIDE – The women’s flash of pride animates the last minutes of the match. At 39 ‘Cernoia (excellent performance) takes a delightful corner and Stakova crowns the goal of 3-1, triggering a final boarding with some worries for Lyon (the 3-2 would have led to extra time) that brings home a sweaty qualification.

UN THINKABLE DISAPPOINTMENT – In the inevitable disappointment of a group that, rightly, believed in the sporting miracle of qualifying for the semifinals, the constant and progressive growth of Juventus’ women’s project remains. The only idea of ​​being able to face Lyon with the concrete hope of eliminating them (after beating them in Turin) was a lunar hypothesis five years ago, when the Women were born and in a double match against Lyon the goal could be at most limit. the number of goals scored and avoid the fool. This is why the frustration of Montemurro and his girls leaving the field, once the anger has passed, must be the appreciable measure of the work done in five years, always going forward and never backwards.