Labor Inspectorate conducts major investigation at several companies after scandal The Voice | Inland

The Labor Inspectorate has launched an investigation at several companies following the scandal The Voice of Holland† It concerns research into the ‘system’: how are reports of sexually transgressive behavior handled within organizations?

In any case, it concerns a few media companies, following the scandal surrounding The Voice, and possibly some organizations from the sports world.

At the end of April, the Public Prosecution Service announced that it would launch a criminal investigation into various reports against four people around the famous talent show The Voice of Holland. The reports – ranging from rape to other forms of transgressive behavior – were made against band leader Jeroen Rietbergen, former jury members Marco Borsato and Ali B and against director Martijn N.

After the scandal surrounding The Voice, several companies have been discredited because cases of transgressive behavior were reported. It is characteristic that in many cases reports appear to have been made by victims, but that often nothing seems to have been done with them. Recently, for example, the KNVB was discredited because former national team coach Vera Pauw came out with her story that she was once raped and received no response within the organization.

The Labor Inspectorate is now examining a number of companies with the central question: what is the policy regarding (reports of) transgressive behaviour? A spokesperson for the Labor Inspectorate would not say which companies are being investigated, but the investigation was started – some time ago – in response to ‘reports in the media’.


The Dutch Labor Inspectorate can take measures if no or insufficient policy has been established within organizations to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. For example, a confidential counselor can be appointed or a warning can be issued to improve the policy. In case of refusal – although this is rare – fines can be handed out.

Lawyer Sébas Diekstra, who assists several victims in the scandal surrounding The Voice, confirms the message. “As a result of our previous report to the Labor Inspectorate, I was contacted. It was also reported that project-based research is now underway. A number of clients immediately welcomed the announced investigation. They say they will cooperate fully.”

The Labor Inspectorate expects to complete the investigation in the last quarter of this year.

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