Verstappen responds to Hamilton’s sneer, Wolff wants to contain the whistle | GPFans Recap

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The first day of the Grand Prix weekend in Austria has started. The drivers have again shown themselves to the press and tomorrow the first free practice, as well as the qualifying, will start in Spielberg. Today Max Verstappen made himself heard about the sneer Lewis Hamilton made after the British Grand Prix. The organization of the Grand Prix of Belgium also states that there is no concept calendar at all and Toto Wolff believes that whistling can be very hurtful. You can read this and more in this new GPFans Recap

Verstappen big title favorite in 2022: “He is incredible and will win the title”

According to Hans-Joachim Stuck, Formula 1 must work on its competitive status. There are too few teams that compete for the victories according to the former F1 driver. Stuck regrets that the battle for victory is usually only between two teams and four drivers and would like to see that change. Read whole article? click here

Verstappen responds to Hamilton’s sneer: “A bit clumsy remark”

Max Verstappen finds Lewis Hamilton’s comment after the Silverstone race a bit rude. The Briton stated that he came out of Copse corner unscathed this year, because he was fighting a ‘sensible’ driver. That Verstappen would not be popular in Great Britain, that was somewhat expected. Nevertheless, after the Grand Prix at Silverstone, Hamilton threw some oil on the fire in a vicious way. Read whole article? click here

Wolff wants Formula 1 to teach manners to fans: “Whisting is definitely hurtful”

Toto Wolff thinks it would not be a luxury if Formula 1 focuses more on containing fans who misbehave towards the drivers. The Austrian is happy to see fans emotionally involved in the sport, but thinks insulting, whistling and berating the protagonists is a step too far. Read whole article? click here


Organization GP Belgium denies: “There is no concept calendar for 2023 yet”

Vanessa Maes, director of the Grand Prix in Belgium, has denied that there is already clarity about the 2023 calendar and therefore the loss of the Belgian Grand Prix. De Telegraaf, among others, announced last week that the calendar for 2023 would be fixed. Read whole article? click here

Verstappen about debris in Silverstone: “Car was really terrible to drive”

Max Verstappen says the RB18 at Silverstone was ‘terrible’ to drive last weekend. The Dutchman had to limit the damage in Great Britain after problems with his car. He is also looking forward to the weekend in Austria. Read whole article? click here