these are the youngsters of Orange

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Vivianne Miedema, Lieke Martens and Sherida Spitse. They know – just like a number of other players in the current European Championship selection of the Orange squad – what it is like to become European champion. They were there in 2017 in their own country and hope to extend the title in England.

But there are also a number of youngsters in the selection. As a teenager they saw Orange shine on television or in the stadium and now they get the chance to write history themselves. What memories do Esmee Brugts, Kerstin Casparij, Daphne van Domselaar and Marisa Olislagers have of 2017?

Kerstin Casparij (21), FC Twente

“September last year I was allowed to train with the Orange for a few days for the first time and I’ve been completely there since October. I made my debut in the Champions League and for the Orange during that period. That went very quickly after each other, very special. “

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Kerstin Casparij in action during the Netherlands-Belarus

“In 2017 I was on holiday during the European Championship. We were in the Canary Islands with the family. Every time the Dutch national team had to play, we were inside with 30 degrees to encourage them. I just had the European Championship under 17 myself If the real Orange has to be played, you will of course go and watch.”

“The 1-0 of ‘Sjaan’ (Shanice van de Sanden, ed.) I thought was a wonderful moment at that European Championship. And the real winning of Vivianne, that she was cheering so much. I paid a lot of attention to Danielle van de Donk, because I played in her position at the time, so you look at that extra carefully.”

“I couldn’t imagine then that I would be there myself five years later. Dreaming, but you hope it becomes reality. I hope to see a lot of Orange in the stadiums in the coming weeks, that there are really many fans. Wonderful experience in England, nice football. Then I sit on the couch really enjoying the atmosphere.”

Esmee Brugts (18), PSV

“I have just finished my second season at PSV and have been with Orange since February. When I first came in, I thought it was great. I am left winger and Lieke Martens is my example. I don’t know if she realizes that I’m really a fan of hers. I try to appear as normal as possible and try to copy a lot from her.”

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Esmee Brugts during the warm-up for the Netherlands-Belarus

“During the European Championship in 2017, I was allowed to wear a flag on the field at a Denmark game. I was 13 or 14 and a few girls were invited. And I watched the final on my birthday. That was very beautiful. I saw the emotion that was released when Vivianne Miedema made the 4-2. Very special.”

“I don’t realize that I can now be an example for children myself. It’s going so fast, I didn’t think it could go so fast. I’m happy to be here and I’m curious what the atmosphere is like in England and how big women’s football is there.”

Daphne van Domselaar (22), FC Twente

“I was in the stadium as a spectator at the final in 2017. That was super cool. That already started with the parade to the stadium: I was one of the thousands of people in that Orange procession. If it then becomes 4-2, is that fantastic.”


Daphne van Domselaar (left) in the stands during the European Championship final in 2017

“What I remember most is that the stadium went completely wild after Vivianne Miedema’s 4-2. I jumped up and hugged friends and family. It was a big party. It was something so big and something beautiful that happened.” happened.”

“I am a goalkeeper and of course looked up to Sari van Veenendaal. That is the position you hope to be in later. It is nice to learn from her now and get to know her personally. It is still a bit unreal, but I enjoy it too.”

“When I hear the Wilhelmus on July 9, I think of the path I took to get here. Hopefully I can enjoy the fans and the ambiance around it. I think I’m standing there with a big smile.”

Marisa Olislagers (21), FC Twente

“During the European Championship 2017 I was on holiday in France with my family. We were in a house and I watched the matches on my phone, especially with my father. That tension was really nice. I can’t remember if I wore an Orange shirt, but it could be.”

Pro Shots

Marisa Olislagers during the Netherlands-Finland

“I remember the final the most. That was the most beautiful match. Really cool. I have followed it from a young age and that they win the tournament is really bizarre. It is a dream come true that I now have it myself with it, really still unreal.”

“I am now on the field with the girls I have always looked up to. In the beginning that was of course very exciting and you see the cat out of the tree. But then you start talking to them more and more. They are also very normal, very nice. I am someone who likes to talk, but at Orange I was really calm at first. Now I dare to say more and more. “

“I think I will get goosebumps at the Wilhelmus later. That is a moment you look forward to and I can’t wait for it. I think I will mainly look at the audience and experience the atmosphere. That’s what you do it for .”