First interview by Yacine Adli: “When Milan call, you want to play in that club …”

The midfielder spoke to the microphones of ‘MilanTV’ Yacine Adli he expressed his first words in AC Milan.

On the arrival at Milan and last season with Bordeaux
“It is a great honor to play for one of the best clubs in the world, the best in Italy. Certainly last season with Bordeaux was complicated, the last three years have been difficult considering that I came during difficult times for the club. but it helped me to grow as a man, facing difficult situations and I think this has helped me and will help me overcome difficult moments in the future by remembering the past ones and looking forward “

On the call of Milan and the advantage of having a French-speaking community in the Rossoneri
“When a club like Milan calls you, no matter what players there are, you want to play in that club. It is a great advantage, however, to have French teammates or those who speak my language. Milan is greater than anything and everything. what I wanted was to get to this big club “

On the past in the PSG academy with AC Milan players
“I was in the PSG academy with Ballò-Tourè and Maignan. Mike is a bit older than me so I saw him play for a long time, especially when I was younger. I played for a few moments instead with Fodè so there we already know a little but here we can get to know each other even better. It is a wonderful place to play with other Parisian boys “

About Bennacer
“I know Ismael very well, we have the same agent and have known each other for a long time. I think he’s a great player, probably one of the best midfielders right now. What he does is incredible and I’m sure he can do even better to show everyone he can. become an important name in the world of football. “

About his favorite role and where he prefers to play
“I prefer to play. I will adapt to whatever role the manager decides for me. I have no preferences, I have played in many different positions and this is one of my qualities so I will continue to bring it on the pitch.”

On the dream of playing the Champions League
“Playing in the Champions League is my childhood dream. When your career begins, everyone’s dream is to play in the Champions League. Knowing that I will probably take part in this competition is incredible but I want to prepare myself as best as possible to be ready.”

On the passion for music
“I am passionate about music because my father had enrolled me, my sister and my brother in a music school. In fact I played violin for 4 years, my sister plays the piano and I watched her a lot. This is why I have a great passion for the piano and the music “

On Villejuif, his childhood place
“Villejuif is a really important place for me. I grew up there and I will try to help the young players of my city to have the same opportunities that I had with the association that tries to share our values. Now we are veterans of hard times. because a player from our association, Zinedine, passed away. So once again I want to express my condolences and I hope you rest in peace “

On Zidane and the experience in Ligue 1
“Zidane is a player I admired a lot and watched a lot. I played 3 years in Bordeaux and played 100 games in Ligue 1 so I gained experience. Now I have come to a completely different club with a fantastic group of players. Now. I have to get used to and be ready to help the coach and the team and earn a place in the first team “

On last season’s AC Milan
“Last season I watched all the games of the team. A lot of players have grown up like Leao, Hernandez but I think the strength of the team was the teamwork. That’s what made the difference last season. We saw it. great players like kalulu, with whom I played in the youth selections of France and had a great season “

About who would like to meet soon
“I don’t have a player that I want to meet at all costs but I hope to be able to work with everyone”