Radonjic, the former Roma talent that never blossomed on which Turin is betting

The Turin he needs to revolutionize his department attacking midfieldersPresident Cairo has promised important shots but in the meantime the grenade club has concluded a real one wagerreporting in A league a talent never fully blossomed, which already knows ours soccer.

Radonjic, talent never blossomed in Turin

It is about Nemanja Radonjic26 year old winger of Serbian nationality, taken from theOlympique Marseille for 4 million euros. For Radonjic that al Bull it will be the third experience in Italy after those lived with the Empoli youth sector and then with Roma. But let’s go in order.

Nemanja Radonjic was born in February 1996 a Nis but he forms football in the capital Belgradein the school of Partizan. Here the football teachers of the historic Belgrade club immediately notice his talent: Radonjic is a boy with important physical means, but he is also gifted with good technique. Especially when it comes to kicking on goal with the right, centering from the left: that’s why they immediately place him on the left wing, in an offensive position.

Radonjic and the precedents in Italy

In 2013, when it was time to sign a professional contract with Partizan, Radonjic refused and moved to RomaniaatAcademia Hagithe youth sector of the Viitorul Constance. His name begins to circulate among European talent scouts, including Italians: the first club to move for him is there Romewhich ranks him from non-registered in Viareggio tournament of 2014. He plays three games and scores a goal. Roma then does not follow up on his interest, so is theEmpoli to move for Radonjic, who moved to Tuscany in September 2014, where, however, his growth is being held back by problems of acclimatization.

Empoli no longer wants him, Roma goes back and pays the beauty of 4 million euros for his card: Radonjic is only 18 years old and zero appearances even with the Spring of Empoli. The bet did not last long, Radonjic found no space and the Giallorossi club prepared his suitcases: in January 2016 he was sent on loan to his homeland, Cukarickiwhere he stays for a season and a half and begins to show flashes of his talent.

Radonjic’s return to his homeland and his experience at Marseille

Signed 4 goals and 7 assists in 27 appearances, enough to attract the attention of the Red Starwho buys him for 4 million euros from Roma, and from the Serbian federation: on November 14, 2017 he made his debut with his national team in a 1-1 friendly match with South Korea. With the Red Star Radonjic finally explodes, scoring 7 goals and serving 8 assists in the 2017/18 season and, above all, scoring 4 goals in the Champions League preliminaries in the summer of 2018.

An exploit that attracts the Marseille: the French pay 12 million euros for his card. After a convincing first year in Ligue 1 (he scores 5 goals, almost always starting from the bench), Radonjic sees his performance drop and so Marseille get rid of him, sending him on loan first to theHertha Berlin (from February to June 2021) and then, last season, al Benfica.

Both in Germany and Portugal Radonjic does not leave its mark, despite showing flashes of its potential. Potential Turin is ready to focus on: who knows what heavy metal football is Juric fails to exalt the talents of this all-instinct attacking midfielder.

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