Romelu Lukaku angers Chelsea fans with latest Instagram post (but did he mean it that way?) | Sport

I’ma probably show you I’m solid first and if the energy ain’t right
I’ma show you how easy it is to cut ties, no more tries

These are some lines from ‘Scorpio’, a song by American rapper Moneybagg Yo that Romelu Lukaku quoted in his latest Instagram post this morning. Loosely translated: “I’m probably going to show you first that I’m reliable and if the energy isn’t right, I’ll show you how easy it is to cut the tires.” And so there is a lot of speculation on social media – not least by Chelsea fans. They think that the Red Devil is targeting their dearly beloved club, but the post is open to interpretation. Not so long ago, the striker also broke ties with broker Federico Pastorello. Or is it – just like in the rap song – about a broken love relationship? The timing would be unfortunate for that. Be that as it may, only Romelu may know the answer.

With this video, Inter once again welcomed the ‘prodigal son’:

Anyway, his sporting concerns are (for now?) gone. Earlier this week, Inter once again officially welcomed our compatriot, and it did so in a striking way: with a video of Sonnet 109 by British poet William Shakespeare. The sonnet in question refers several times to the close relationship between Inter and Lukaku. Like the opening line “Oh, never say that I was false of heart”. “Never say my heart was false,” a reference to Lukaku’s abrupt departure from Milan to Chelsea last summer, prompting Inter’s ultras not to immediately punch the Red Devil again. With “Like him that travels I return again” it seems as if the Prodigal Son will soon be seen again in San Siro.

Also in his first interview with Inter TV, Lukaku said that returning to Inter feels like a homecoming. “My family and I have felt very happy here. By the way, when we left for London last year, we kept our house here. That says a lot. Inter gave me so much then… I hope to do even better this time than the last.” With 64 goals in 95 matches and a won scudetto, that is not easy for ‘Big Rom’, who emphasized that he has always had a good relationship with Simone Inzaghi and that they have kept in touch.

“I’m Romelu. I am Inter.” This is how Lukaku concludes the video, which also shows some goals from the Red Devil that helped Inter to the league title in 2021. The Nerazzurri are paying around £12million to hire Lukaku from Chelsea, where he still has a four-year contract. A year earlier, the Blues paid 113 million euros to bring the striker back to Stamford Bridge. In principle, no purchase option is included in the agreement. If Romelu wants to stay at Inter, there will still have to be some serious negotiations next summer.

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 109:

Oh, never say that I was false of heart,

Though absence seem’d my flame to qualify.

As easy might I from myself depart

As from my soul, which in thy breast doth lie:

That’s my home of love: if I have ranged,

Like him that travels I return again,

Just to the time, not with the time exchanged,

So that myself bring water for my stain.

Never believe, though in my nature reign’d

All frailties that besiege all kinds of blood,

That it could so preposterously be stain’d,

To leave for nothing all thy sum of good;

For nothing this wide universe I call,

Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all.