Lewis Hamilton displeased by Max Verstappen fans cheering after crash: ‘Glad I’m not in hospital’ | formula 1

Lewis Hamilton finds it incomprehensible that his crash on Friday during qualifying for the sprint race of the Austrian Grand Prix was greeted with cheers by the Max Verstappen fans in the stands. The seven-time world champion flew into the wall and was happy to get out unharmed.

,,During the crash, I didn’t get the reactions from the stands, because a lot of things were going through my head,” said Hamilton yesterday after the sprint race, in which he finished eighth. ,,I only heard about it afterwards and I absolutely do not approve of it. A driver can end up in hospital after such a crash. Are we going to welcome that?”

“It’s astonishing that people do that, knowing how dangerous our sport is. I am grateful that it ended well and that I was not injured.”

The Austrian Grand Prix is ​​the home race of Red Bull, the team of Max Verstappen. That is why he is supported by an orange sea of ​​thousands of Dutch fans this weekend in Spielberg. At the Grand Prix of Great Britain, Hamilton’s home race, a serious crash by Verstappen led to celebrations among British supporters last year.

,,You should never applaud someone’s demise, someone’s injury or crash,’ says Hamilton, who was last year by Verstappen in the nick of an eighth world title. “It shouldn’t have happened at Silverstone and it shouldn’t have happened here.”

Behavior supporters

Formula 1 says that the behavior of a number of fans leaves something to be desired in any case. The organization has received several complaints from people who are being harassed by others. Concrete examples are not mentioned, but it would include comments that are unfriendly to women.

“We have been made aware of reports that some fans have received completely unacceptable comments from others during the event,” the statement read. “We have raised this with the promoter and security and will speak to those who reported these incidents. We take this very seriously. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. All fans should be treated with respect.”

Watch Lewis Hamilton’s crash here.