Charles De Ketelaere: “Did Roberto Martinez tell me that I will show myself here for the World Cup” | Serie A

Charles De Ketelaere will normally make his first minutes on Saturday in an AC Milan practice game, today he defied the Italian and foreign journalists. “I couldn’t pass up this opportunity,” said the ex-Club Brugge player.

  1. in advance, 14 hours 35. After more than half an hour the press chat is over. .
  2. before, 14 hours 32. As a young lad, Charles De Ketelaere was a fine tennis player. This has not escaped the notice of the Italians. Did he bring anything from that sport? “Choosing between football and tennis was easy, because I wanted to play football with my friends,” he repeats. “Tennis is more of an emotional sport. Mentally it taught me a lot.” .
  3. in advance, 2:30 pm. The avalanche of questions has been going on for half an hour now. By the way, is CDK ready to debut in the practice matches this weekend? “Yes, the coach has told me that I will play on Saturday. I can’t wait for it and I hope I can show something.” .
  4. before, 2 p.m. 28. Has Zlatan Ibrahimovic welcomed his new teammate yet? “I can learn a lot from him. I look forward to training him,” says CDK, who indicates that there has not yet been a meeting. “Ibra” is still in the basket.  .
  5. in advance, 2 p.m. 26. Whether there is a player who inspires me? My childhood idol was Cristiano Ronaldo. Charles DeKetelaere.
  6. in advance, 14 hours 23. There are many stars in Italy. The people of West Flanders are also aware of this. “I’m not really concerned with it, but with how I can be the best and improve. But Serie A does indeed have a lot of stars.” .
  7. in advance, 14 hours 21. The trequartista, that is the position where the Italians expect him. Kaka and Ronaldinho have also taken on such a role as an attacking midfielder. That is a heavy legacy. “I’m just looking to the future,” CDK says. “Milan has an immense past, but we are looking forward. I just want to help. I don’t think about the comparisons with such legends, but about progression.” .
  8. in advance, 2 pm 19. Over to the tactical hatch. What role does Charles De Ketelaere see for himself on the field? “I am technically skilled and my first ball test is good. I also score and hand out assists. I am dynamic and like to dive into space”, he describes himself.  “At Club I have held many positions. I now prefer a role around a striker where I can go deep, but also drop out.”  .
  9. in advance, 2 pm 17. Paolo Maldini? He is an icon of the past, but he also influences the present. I’m thankful they wanted me, but the project was more important than people. It was nice to be contacted by him. . Charles DeKetelaere.
  10. before, 2 p.m. 16. And what about his girlfriend? Did CDK also have to convince her? “She follows me and she is just happy with this opportunity. We’ll see how the combination with her studies goes,” he says about the private matter.  .
  11. in advance, 2:15 p.m. Meeting with the national coach. Has Charles De Ketelaere consulted with Roberto Martinez? “I spoke to him, but he just listened and didn’t try to influence me.” “I told him that I wanted to go to Milan and that I am convinced that I will play to go to the World Cup. I know that I will have opportunities here to show myself. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.” .
  12. in advance, 2 pm. “These were busy days”, says Charles De Ketelaere, who looks a little more relaxed when answering the questions from the Belgian journalists. “But now is not the time to rest.” .
  13. in advance, 2 pm. Our reporter asks how the integration went. “That process is still going on, I’ve only trained 2 or 3 times and I still have to get to know the rest. But they help me, the coach also tells me what he expects,” says CDK. “I’m discovering it all and I hope to be ready as soon as possible.” .
  14. before, 2 pm 11. The Italians try again: is there really no nickname? The shy De Ketelaere has to disappoint them again. “People just say Charles to me, usually in French.” .
  15. in advance, 2 p.m. 09. Have I been surprised by anything in the past few days? It’s just another country and the workouts are very intense. . Charles DeKetelaere.
  16. in advance, 2 p.m. 09. Kaka 2.0? The Milan fans already dream that they have the new Kaka. “I know what a great player he was. I’ve watched videos, but I have my own abilities. But I hope I can bring the same.” Milan, including Inter, is now strikingly Belgian. Romelu Lukaku also plays with the city rival with number 90. That promises. “I also had that number at Club. It’s not that important, but it did bring me luck and success.” .
  17. before, 2 p.m. 05. AC Milan has changed course and now works with a lot of young people. Was this also decisive for his choice? “It was important that Milan give opportunities to the youth. You also see how such players grow and make the team better,” said CDK, who is also asked if he has a nickname. “It doesn’t matter what you call me,” he jokes.  .
  18. in advance, 14 hours 03. Charles De Ketelaere had to wait a long time for the white smoke. Was he afraid of a doomsday scenario? How great is his relief and has he had to add water to the wine himself? “It was an intense week,” says the Red Devil, who looks a bit nervous. “My agents kept me informed. I made my choice for Milan and then it was up to them.” “For me it was just important to be able to sign here.” .
  19. in advance, 2 p.m. I love these passionate fans. There is intense work going on here, but that’s just me. This is just one more level up and I have to try to get to that. . Charles DeKetelaere.
  20. in advance, 2 pm. The Italians are punctual: Charles De Ketelaere receives the first questions. .