PSG-Nantes 4-0, the report cards: Neymar and Messi steal the show. Vitinha, good first

Final result: Paris Saint-Germain-Nantes 4-0

Donnarumma 6 – A diving intervention on Blas in the first half and little else. Evening of ordinary administration.

Sergio Ramos 6.5 – Behind he juggles confidently in the unprecedented three-man defense designed by Galtier. In addition, he signs up for the scorers report by reiterating on the net with the heel a ball that has remained stray in the small area of ​​Nantes.

Marquinhos 6.5 – He directs the defensive rearguard without ever granting the flank to the Nantes forwards, thanks to a strong sense of position.

Kimpembe 6.5 – In the first part of the game it is highlighted with a providential closure against Guessand. Authoritative and concentrated.

Hakimi 6.5 – Ready, go and warm Lafont’s hands with a close shot. He puts the right wing on fire with his proverbial strides. From 78 ‘Mukiele sv

Vitinha 6.5 – He does not betray the emotion to the first officer with the Parisian shirt. He presents himself with personality in the nerve center of the pitch, particularly shining in the short game. From 68 ‘ Danilo Pereira 6 – Contributes to the easy management of the last abundant half hour of play.

Verratti 6.5 – Reiterates its centrality in the team’s economy. Brilliant in both phases of the game, he allows himself only a lightness in the first half. From 78 ‘Paredes sv

Nuno Mendes 6 – Rarely unleashes its speed on the left-handed track, yet it delivers a solid, smudge-free performance. From 68 ‘ Bernat 6 – Has a positive impact on the match. He flirts with the goal, but his attempt goes out on the outside of the net.

Sarabia 6 – He plays the role of deputy Mbappé with dynamism and dedication: inconspicuous, but extremely useful to the cause. From 84 ‘Kalimuendo sv

Messi 7.5 – Back to play at last with the light-heartedness of Barcelona. More than ever involved in the mechanics of the team, he shows off his infinite qualities, as he demonstrates when scoring. If good morning starts in the morning …

Neymar 8 – A goal from a free-kick, one from a penalty and many fine plays for the Brazilian ace, the real MVP of the evening. It is set on the right frequencies and combines aesthetics with concreteness.

Christophe Galtier 7 – His creature was born under a lucky star and at his first outing of the season he easily won the eleventh French Super Cup in PSG history. That said, the opponent’s manifest inferiority must not create easy enthusiasm.

Lafont 6.5 – The last one to give up among the canaries: he makes several interventions that avoid an even heavier passive.

Castelletto 5 – In the last minutes he leaves his teammates in ten men by committing a blatant penalty foul. An episode that clearly photographs his evening and that of Nantes.

Girotto 6 – Stationed in the heart of the defense, not breaking down excessively in the face of the constant stresses of the Parisian attackers.

Pallois 6 – He leverages his physical skills to contain, as far as possible, the enormous offensive potential of PSG.

Coco 5 – Not received at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel-Aviv: he pays duty in direct confrontation with Nuno Mendes and from the trocar onwards his contribution is almost nil. From 64 ‘ Moutoussamy 5.5 – His contribution is limited to an excess of nervousness that costs him a warning.

Sissoko 5.5 – Defenseless in the face of the quality of the Paris Saint-Germain players: he tries to hold on to a physical level, but overall he too is shipwrecked along with his teammates.

Chirivella 5 – He has one gear less than his opponents and is always forced to chase. In addition, he is the decisive touch that opens the doors to Messi’s first goal. From 65 ‘ Mostafa Mohamed 6 – Log in when the result is already compromised: little to report on your account.

Appiah 4.5 – He plays on the weak foot and this seriously affects his performance: too slow and staid in the left lane. The confrontation with Hakimi is merciless. From 79 ‘Fabio sv

Blas 6.5 – In the first half he is the only real source of play for the team: it creates the conditions for hurting the PSG defense and also engages Donnarumma. He too, however, falls in the recovery.

Guessand 5.5 – Has the thankless task of bearing the weight of an attack lacking technical content. Except for an interesting chance in the first half, he can really do very little. From 79 ‘Corchia sv

Simon 5 – Goodwill is not in question, but otherwise it proves too confusing in the last portion of the field. Disheveled.

Antoine Kombouaré 5 – The result is clear: PSG is from another planet and not even Nantes’ fighting spirit can prevent a decable of these proportions.