Montpellier Troyes 3-2, goals and highlights from Ligue 1

Tension, goals, entertainment and continuous emotions. This is what the challenge that faced Montpellier and Troyes bequeathed to us. Both teams have decided, to the delight of those who have followed the entire match, to put in the attic any speech related to defensive attention. In the end, Savanier’s goal resolved the match in favor of Montpellier but compliments should also be given to Troyes who tried for a long time, only to yield 3-2. Both Dall’Oglio’s and Irles’s teams fought each other trying to take home the three points. There are many scoring actions built and, in more than one case, capitalized. However, the balance was definitively broken in the 81st minute with the goal from Téji Savanier who delivered the victory to Montpellier

Montpellier managed to take the lead with Théo Sainte-Luce in 3rd, but Troyes responded by drawing the match in 12th with Florian Tardieu. Montpellier managed to take the lead again in the 15th thanks to Savanier’s goal, while at 17th Mama Baldé returned the result in a draw, which was not enough to avoid defeat.

Fundamental in the victory of Montpellier the contribution of Jonas Omlin, engaged on several occasions, and capable of being decisive with at least 8 saves.

Confirming the final result, Montpellier had more ball possession (53%), and made more shots (17-15). While he took fewer corners (6-3).

The hosts have successfully completed more passes than the opponent (335-283): Mamadou Sakho (64), Falaye Sacko (55) and Savanier (49) stood out. For the guests, Yoann Salmier was the most accurate player with 45 successful passes.

Faitout Maouassa despite not scoring was the player who shot the most for Montpellier: 3 times, 1 of which in goal. For Troyes, it was Mama Baldé who tried harder, shooting 5 times, 4 of which in the face of goal.
In Montpellier, midfielder Savanier was the best of his team in the tackles won (9 out of 15 total) and contributed to the dominance of his team in the overall figure (100%). The midfielder Renaud Ripart was instead the most effective in the ranks of Troyes with 10 tackles won in the face of a higher number of games lost (12).

Montpellier: J. Omlin, E. Tchato Mbiayi, M. Sakho, T. Sainte-Luce, F. Sacko, F. Maouassa, W. Khazri, J. Chotard, S. Mavididi, T. Savanier (Cap.), S Wahi. All: Olivier Dall’Oglio
On hand: M. Estève, L. Leroy, V. Germain, K. Fayad, D. Bertaud, P. Teodósio Mendes, A. Souquet, N. Cozza, B. Makouana.
Changes: Makouana <-> Mavididi (30 ‘), Leroy <-> Maouassa (78′), Estève <-> Sakho (79 ‘), Cozza <-> Sainte-Luce (79′)

Troyes: G. Gallon, E. Palmer-Brown, J. Porozo, Y. Salmier, A. Bruus, Y. Larouci, X. Chavalerin, R. Kouamé, F. Tardieu (Cap.), R. Ripart, M. Baldé. All: Bruno Irles
On hand: Y. Touzghar, J. Moulin, E. N’jo, W. Odobert, K. Dong, T. Zoukrou, D. Dongmo.
Changes: Dong <-> Larouci (84 ‘), Odobert <-> Palmer-Brown (89′)

Goals: 3 ‘Sainte-Luce (Montpellier), 12’ (R) Tardieu (Troyes), 15 ‘Savanier (Montpellier), 17’ Mama Baldé (Troyes), 81 ‘Savanier (Montpellier).
Bookings: B. Makouana

Stadium: Stade de la Mosson
Referee: Pierre Gaillouste

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