NEC has definitively received Jasper Cillessen after transfer soap: ‘Glad to be home’ | Eredivisie

NEC has definitively confirmed the arrival of Jasper Cillessen. The 63-time international of the Dutch national team makes the switch from Valencia and signs a contract for three seasons in Nijmegen after a long transfer soap.

Cillessen made his professional debut at NEC and earned a transfer to Ajax in 2011. There he grew into a fixed value under the bar and gained confidence as the first goalkeeper of the Dutch national team. The goalkeeper has played for FC Barcelona and Valencia in recent years. At the latter club, the goalkeeper had to leave because his salary was too heavy on the budget. Moreover, he was not assured of a starting spot.

NEC thought to have the goalkeeper in earlier, but Cillessen encountered problems in handling his departure from Valencia. He still had money from the club and Valencia informed him at the last minute that Cillessen had to waive that amount. Technical director Ted van Leeuwen thought he had to give up hope, but was still able to give the green light this weekend. With this, the 33-year-old closing post returns to the old nest after twelve years.

Competitor Mattijs Branderhorst understands that NEC has roped in the experienced closing post Jasper Cillessen. “It’s been a weird week, a rollercoaster of emotions.” Read more here.

,,Jasper is a goalkeeper with exceptional qualities, the best in the Netherlands”, says Van Leeuwen on the club’s website. ,,If you, as a NEC, can bring in such a goalkeeper, you should never hesitate. We weren’t looking for a goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper found us. Mattijs Branderhorst did an excellent job for NEC and took more points for us than lost, but this was a great opportunity. The laws of elite sport. We’re glad Jasper is back where it started for him: NEC.

Cillessen is also happy with the transfer. “I am very happy to be home. Over the past ten years I have had wonderful adventures and to return to Nijmegen now is the icing on the cake for me. But I’m not done yet. NEC is working on a great project and I would like to be part of it. With my experience I think and hope to be able to add something to the selection. It can’t start soon enough for me,” Cillessen said on the club’s website.

The goalkeeper, who has struggled with a lot of injuries in recent years, will want to put himself in the spotlight of national coach Louis van Gaal in the Eredivisie. The Dutch national team will participate in the World Cup in Qatar at the end of this year, but the battle between the posts is still open. In recent months, Justin Bijlow, Mark Fleks, Tim Krul and Cillessen alternated in the Orange goal. Cillessen defended the goal when the Dutch national team reached the semi-finals of the world championship in 2014.

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