Probable formations 2022/23: Righteous and 6 grafts, how Ivrea changes

After a last championship closed in fifth place, in the middle ground, the 2006 lever of theIvrea is ready to relaunch in the new season. At the end of the year it closed twenty lengths from unattainable Borgomaneroand only nine points from Biellese. If seen as a base from which to start, the historic Piazza Orange tries to tilt its gaze upwards and therefore entrusts the mission back to the new coach Paolo Giusti, arriving from Quincitava.

So here is that already something, on the revenue front, is moving, just under a month from the official start of the 2022-2023 season. In fact, the team group will meet on August 24 to start the preparation.


Pietro Brizzi, Ivrea striker 2006

First of all, there is a need for greater offensive participation: the “alone” 54 goals scored in the last championship they highlight the lack of Ivrea’s goal area, especially when compared to the 79 goals of Sparta Novara or the 72 of the usual Borgomanero. The real scorers of the team are three: Gabriel Fiorenza (11 centers), Peter Brizzi (13 centers) e Mattia Adragna (15 centers). For the rest, only the 5 goals of Weighing. In summary: either he scores one of the three, or hardly orange pierce the opposing goalkeeper.


On this point the management has moved well in advance. First a new goalkeeper has arrived, Alberto Codres from Volpiano, who will be able to have his say in the run-off already underway between Fochesato and Stievano. Forwards side, Adragna he packed his bags to destination Quincitavabut they come from Banchette Paolo Fonte And Tommaso Garda (11 goals in a Banchette in difficulty), two offensive elements who will have their say in the league. Also, they will dress up orange also Manuel Vanotti (12-goal striker last year) and defender Nicolò Aibinodirectly from Strambinese provincial champion. Last, but not least, it is Fabio Iamonteanother striker who comes from Quincitava 2006.


Everything is still being worked on. Paolo Giusti has embraced the cause of Ivrea after eleven years spent with Quincitava, especially in the Under 19 team. For him too it is like a new baptism, and he has not unbalanced himself on what the team’s philosophy could be next season. «Much will depend on the real ambitions of the club – he says – if we aim for the playoffs we will propose one type of game, if we want to save another. I look forward to August 22 to draw up the first balance sheets on the team, and to be able to start thinking about how to manage the squad ».

Looking back, we start from some certainties. Last year Ivrea with Patrick Reolfi had proposed the 4-3-1-2 or the 4-2-3-1. In goal the eternal ballot will continue Fochesato / Stievano (14 appearances each last season), with the variable Codres to complicate the choice. In defense the full backs will still be Melis And Condello (the first on the right, the second on the left) with captain Osmani And Sweater in the role of central. In midfield the guarantees are Weighing, Cooked And Caserio.

If Giusti were to deploy a three line, let’s expect them all owners, with Pesando director. Otherwise there would be a ballot for two places. Pietro Brizzispearhead of the team, will presumably be the attacking midfielder and will act behind two forwards and in which it is difficult to indicate favorites, given the competition in pink. Fiorenza has the favors of the prediction, since he already knows the team and comes from eleven goals in the league. As a second name, everything will depend on the style of play imposed by the manager. To date we feel like saying Gardaespecially considering the good impression he made last season.

ivrea under 17

To close, the new coach Giusti will have to dispel many doubts for this Ivrea 2006. We will know a lot more about this team at the beginning of the retreat, on 22 August, when the former Quincitava will also have a better idea about the guys he actually has. available.