Filip Joos sees “lust” in Italy in the Serie A: “You have to name 4 title candidates” | Serie A

They will also break off the summer nap in Italy next weekend. Commentator Filip Joos notes that there is a lot of enthusiasm in the boot, stops at the numerous Belgians, puts 4 title candidates in the balance and concludes: “If it clicks again between Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, then Inter is the team to beat. “

“Everything we say is subject to change, hey”, Filip Joos raises during his extensive preview.

The summer mercato is of course far from over and in Italy the (bank) cards have already been shuffled vigorously.

AC Milan, Inter and Juventus: will we start with 3 favourites? “In Italy they think that is too short-sighted, because they also include AS Roma.”

“Of course that club has the wind in its sails. There is enormous enthusiasm after the Conference League, but you notice that everywhere in Italy.”

“On the first day of match you will see sold out stadiums almost everywhere. The competition is being looked forward to because it is quite uncertain who will become champion.”

“There is no clear favorite. You have to name 4 clubs in advance and that says something, although Roma is one floor lower.”

“But there is a lot of enthusiasm there, perhaps because they realize that they will not participate in the World Cup during that winter break. The interest will therefore be great in the first months.”

“Milan supporters went crazy, but they hadn’t heard of De Ketelaere before soap”

There is also a lot of interest from the army of players who have boarded the plane to Italy. Also with last year’s champion, AC Milanfresh ingredients are supplied to cook with.

“Their title last season is half a miracle, but it was certainly deserved and beautiful. Milan played a great season, but it needed reinforcements and they have come.”

Then of course a Belgian heart spontaneously thinks of Charles De Ketelaere. “He’s proof of how you drive fans crazy about a player they never heard of before that transfer soap.”

I am convinced that Charles De Ketelaere will succeed, but it will be by trial and error. Although he is good with a coach who is not only a football animal, but also a good person.

Filip Joos

“He’s hype, but hype is usually based on nothing. And I don’t mean that in this case: it’s just not based on knowledge about the player.”

“The fire was fanned during the soap, but two months ago you shouldn’t have walked around in Milan and asked who Charles De Ketelaere is.”

“No one had heard of him and that is heavy on the one hand, because he has cost a lot of money, but at the same time it is also beautiful, because he is surrounded by love.”

“At that position, about number 10, Milan could use someone and his identity fits what they needed.”

“I am convinced that he will succeed, but it will be with trial and error. Although he is good with a coach who is also a good person in addition to being a football animal.”

In addition to Alexis Saelemaekers, there is Divock Origin another compatriot around. “If he gets fit, he will get quite a lot of playing minutes.”

“Jürgen Klopp always called him the best finisher in his squad and Milan creates a lot of opportunities. In principle, that should run free.”

AC Milan:

IN: ao Charles De Ketelaere (Club Brugge), Divock Origi (Liverpool)
OUT: ao Franck Kessie (Barcelona)

“Juventus? There are doubts about the football of Allegri”

AC Milan floored fellow townsman last season Inter. “They have kept strongholds like Marcelo Brozovic, Nicolò Barella and Alessandro Bastoni and of course there is the return of Romelu Lukaku.”

“If it clicks again between Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, then Inter might be the team to beat.”

Although they naturally hope in Turin that the Old Lady will be reborn after two years without Scudetto. “Yes, for Juventus it is necessary, but they have been hit in the preparation.”

“There are especially many doubts about coach’s football Massimiliano Allegri. They have always been there, but Juventus was usually much stronger than the competition.”

“Now that they are no longer that, the coach has to make the difference. And he actually has himself to blame.”

“He was always ironic when things went well. He’s also made it to the Champions League final twice, but he’s made sure there’s skepticism about his person when things don’t work out.”


IN: ao Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea), André Onana (Ajax), Henrich Mchitarjan (Roma)
OUT: ao Ivan Perisic (Tottenham), Alexis Sanchez (Marseille), Arturo Vidal (Flamengo)


IN: ao Paul Pogba (Manchester United), Angel Di Maria (PSG), Gleiso Bremer (Torino), Federico Chiesa (Fiorentina)
OUT: ao Giorgio Chiellini (LA FC), Matthijs de Ligt (Bayern Munich), Alvaro Morata (Atletico Madrid), Paulo Dybala (Roma)

“Juve fans already see the mood around Pogba”

“Juventus is not a favorite at the moment. I estimate them to be one step lower than the Milanese clubs,” says Filip Joos.

The “Pogback” does not immediately change that. “Paul Pogbag is injured and opts for conservative therapy as treatment. That way, the World Cup is feasible at the end of this year.”

“Juve fans can already see the mood: Pogba will play the World Cup and will have surgery afterwards, which means he will have played maybe 5 matches for his club.”

“So they fear that an operation will be necessary after the World Cup. That is also logical if you attract a free player: he is then even more in charge of his own body, more than if you have paid 50 million euros for him.”

I estimate Juventus to be a step lower than Milan and Inter.

Filip Joos

AS Roma . subscribers

If we are to believe the Italians, a fourth guest joins the buffet: AS Romawinner of the Conference League.

Especially the arrival of Paulo Dybala (from Juventus) excites the Romans. “Did you see how he sat down with his crazy performance? He thought: where have I ended up?”

“If he gets those people behind him in the stadium… He has all the credit. If he isn’t injured too much, it will be a beautiful marriage.”

Remarkably, Roma did not fully “pay out” themselves with the arrival of Dybala. “The campaign for the subscribers was closed a few days before his transfer.”

“Each club would reopen its sale after that, but Roma did not. They wanted to reward the loyalty of the subscribers who already believed in the club before Dybala. The subscribers think that is fantastic. It shows guts and vision.”

AS Roma:

IN: ao Paulo Dybala (Juventus), Nemanja Matic (Manchester United), Georginio Wijnaldum (PSG), Mile Svilar (Benfica)
OUT: Jordan Veretout (Marseille), Henrich Mchitarjan (Inter)

Paulo Dybala and AS Roma: that could be a wonderful marriage.

Filip Joos

“Napoli has lost its soul”

A table for 4, no dinner for five. Napoli will not be given the title candidate label after the departure of Dries Mertens, Lorenzo Insigne and Kalidou Koulibaly, among others.

“That club has lost its soul a bit. And you cannot replace that in one summer. Coach Luciano Spalletti will have to pull out his box of tricks or it will be a gray and anonymous season.”

“Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis will still conjure something out of his hat, but I feel a little sorry for Victor Osimhen. He did stay and must now feel a bit depressed.”


IN: ao Min-jae Kim (Fenerbahçe), André Zambo Anguissa and Mathias Olivera (Getafe)
OUT: ao Dries Mertens (Galatasaray), Lorenzo Insigne (Toronto), Kalidou Koulibaly (Chelsea)