Blitz Psg, Fabian Ruiz leaves Napoli: the figures of the deal

CASTEL DI SANGRO – Fabian is ready to go: he wants it Psgtreats it on Paris and offers more or less 25 million between fixed base and bonuses. Not bad for an expiring player who, among other things, has repeatedly reiterated his desire not to renew. In short, a story that has been closed and complicated for some time, but also another strong point, another sale that, while waiting for the transfer market, for the shots that Napoli are trying to close, confirms the post-match reflections of Spalletti. “If I expect Raspadori and the goalkeeper?” In my opinion, society expects it, I don’t expect it: because the squad is incomplete “. The departure of Fabian, yesterday at the Patini as a spectator and officially excluded from the match with Espanyol for a generic fatigue, the perplexities and perhaps the concern of Mr. Lucianobut the ds Joints has been working on two profiles for some time: Antonin Barak of Verona and then Young Lo Celso of Tottenham. The operation-Fabian, among other things, could intersect with that of the goalkeeper: Keylor Navas, coincidentally, he is a PSG player. He also remains in contention Kepathe Basque of Chelsea: but the trail of French perfume yesterday was very strong.

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Napoli-Espanyol 0-0: the highlights of the friendly match

Fabian, goodbye to Napoli

And then, Fabian is leaving: the negotiation with the PSG has entered the hot phase, we are also crucial, and it is no coincidence that yesterday both Napoli and the player decided by mutual agreement to avoid the match with Espanyolopting for an official version: “Ruiz will not play the friendly due to fatigue.” Things that happen when the market comes alive, when a deal is ready to be finished and packaged: the PSG has come out with a great career, in silence, and is ready to sink the blow. Two and two? Often makes four, of course: the blue club deals Navas for a while, the thirty-five-year-old goalkeeper of the Costa Rica which was bypassed by Donnarumma and that he also lost the captain’s armband: he could enter the operation; could. And certainly Napoli’s envoy to Paris he will talk about it in the terms that have emerged in the last few days: Keylor, in fact, could also arrive with a different formula from the dry loan. We will see. Also because the Kepa track resists, despite the problems with Chelsea related to bonuses and figures: he yes that would be a pure loan, but the ds Giuntoli keeps them both afloat. Looking forward to the best opportunity.

Spalletti and the Napoli squad

In the meantime, Spalletti waits: the goalkeeper, Raspadori and at this point also a midfielder who will have to replace Fabian when the negotiation with the PSG will be defined: Barak of Verona is an old goal, Lo Celso of Tottenham a more recent one (but there is competition from Villarreal and Fiorentina). “Market? The team is incomplete and the managers know it must be completed. And they are working for this “, Mr. Luciano confirms. “It’s not just up to me, I work with great enthusiasm in this rejuvenation project. Waiting, I remain confident. Because it is something that we know from within. Situations must be put in place ».

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