Auxerre Angers 2-2, goals and highlights from Ligue 1

One point earned. This is usually defined as the booty of those who managed to impact after seeing the opponent run away in the score. Looking at it from the opposite side, on the other hand, one could say two points thrown away. After seeing the game take a bad turn due to a two-goal disadvantage, Angers managed to finish 2-2 against Auxerre. We witnessed a match played openly, with the inertia of the match passing from one side to the other several times. In the end it was decided by Amine Salama’s goal who scored the equalizer in the 77th minute. Auxerre has avoided leaving the field with zero points despite the numerical inferiority caused by the expulsion of Lassine Sinayoko in the 57th minute for a double yellow card.

Auxerre initially managed to advance 2-0, thanks to a goal from Julian Jeanvier (4th) and an unfortunate own goal from Cédric Hountondji (10th minute). Subsequently, Angers have, at first, halved the disadvantage with Lois Diony in the 22nd, before arriving at the draw that closed the match.

In the 2 goals of Angers decisive in the actions of the networks the assists of Paul Bernardoni and.

Despite the final result of a tie, Auxerre prevailed in the number of shots (11-11). Angers, on the other hand, had more ball possession (60%) and had more corners (5-4).

The guests successfully completed more passes than the opponent (421-257): Bentaleb (64), Miha Blazic (60) and Cédric Hountondji (56) stood out. For the hosts, Paul Joly was the most accurate player with 32 successful passes.

Hamza Sakhi, despite not scoring, was the player who shot the most for Auxerre: 4 times including 1 on target. For Angers it was Lois Diony who tried to resolve the offensive actions personally and tried the conclusion 3 times, 1 of which in the mirror of the goal.
In Auxerre, Nuno da Costa was the best of his in tackles won (13 out of 18 total) and contributed to the dominance of his team in the overall figure (100%). Midfielder Nabil Bentaleb was the most effective in the Angers ranks with 11 tackles won (15 played in total).

Auxerre: B. Costil, P. Joly, Q. Bernard, J. Jeanvier, J. Mendes Júnior, G. Hein, L. Sinayoko, M. Autret, B. Touré (Cap.), H. Sakhi, G. Charbonnier . Coach: Jean-Marc Furlan
Available: K. Boto, G. Perrin, K. Ruiz-Atil, A. Coeff, R. Dugimont, D. Léon, Y. M’Changama, N. da Costa Jóia, R. Raveloson.
Changes: da Costa Jóia <-> Charbonnier (45 ‘), M’Changama <-> Hein (73′), Perrin <-> Autret (85 ‘)

Angers: P. Bernardoni, C. Hountondji, H. Sabanovic, M. Blazic, S. Doumbia (Cap.), B. Mendy, S. Thioub, A. Hunou, N. Bentaleb, A. Ounahi, L. Diony. All: Gérald Baticle
Available: S. Boufal, A. Bamba, H. Abdelli, I. Chétti, A. Bobichon, Y. Fofana, P. Capelle, W. Taibi, A. Salama.
Changes: Capelle <-> Mendy (69 ‘), Salama <-> Thioub (69′), Boufal <-> Hunou (70 ‘), Chétti <-> Doumbia (78′)

Goals: 4 ‘Jeanvier (Auxerre), 10’ Aut. Hountondji (Angers), 22 ‘Diony (Angers), 77’ Salama (Angers).
Admonitions: G. Charbonnier, L. Sinayoko, P. Joly, N. da Costa Jóia, B. Mendy, A. Ounahi, H. Sabanovic
Red cards: Sinayoko (57th)

Stadium: Stade de l’Abbé-Deschamps
Referee: Ruddy Buquet

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