‘Flapdrol with his big head, it’s mafia’

Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 08:20• Mart Oude Nijeweeme • Last update: 12:30

Rafael van der Vaart lashed out mercilessly towards Joan Laporta on Saturday evening. The president of Barcelona tries to direct Frenkie de Jong and Memphis Depay towards the exit in an unmistakable way. According to Van der Vaart, the practices at Barcelona are going beyond all limits and it is time for clubs to be tackled harder. ‘s analyst Ziggo Sports calls Laporta a ‘flap turd’ and speaks of mafia practices.

It is the story of this transfer window. De Jong, who has already been offered by Barcelona at various clubs and was also told that he must agree to a salary reduction. However, the former Ajax player himself does not want to leave at all and does not intend to earn less, after he previously gave permission to lower his salary to help Barca. Some fans don’t even thank him, judging by the images that surfaced this week at the training complex of los Azulgrana.

“We have a lot with Frenkie, an amazing player. But there has to come a time when clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid… How on earth can you buy players if you don’t have any money? I think it’s a shame,” he said. Van der Vaart at Ziggo Sports. “And Laporta. He is everywhere laughing with his big head when he has a new player. But he does ask players if they want to hand in salary. That is just a big shame. I think he thinks he is the king there. But it’s basically a faggot. That’s not how you treat people. They’re people.”

Van der Vaart has nothing good to say about the behavior of the president. “It’s about signing a contract and sitting out or leaving in the meantime. But this is not possible? And in the meantime get other players with an idiot salary. I think it’s mafia. You have to tackle that very hard,” said the analyst. “Barcelona is an amazing club, every player wants to play there. But from now on we can judge that from the outside. I think it’s a shame, also that you play for such a club actually. If there is money, there is money, then you can buy what you want. And then we can say whether it is good or not. But a player like Frenkie de Jong, we know him, a very nice boy. He is portrayed as a money wolf.”

According to Van der Vaart, an incorrect image of Frenkie is being painted in the Spanish media. “The newspapers write fifteen or sixteen pages every day only about Barcelona. Then you get things like this,” says Van der Vaart when images are shown in which Frenkie is scolded by fans. “He hasn’t done anything wrong. He wants to stay right. And where is Pique then? He should protect Frenkie. That boy has already surrendered once. Pay that trade, and not get new players. He has to give in to his competitors make them pay. That’s the world upside down.”