Psg: Mbappé-Neymar, social controversy for the choice of the penalty taker

At the center of the controversy is the role of designated penalty taker. After yesterday’s mistake against Montpellier, the Brazilian “snatched” the ball for the second penalty, scoring it. An encore of the Cavani-Neymar case of 2017

In the strange world of PSG, even when everything seems to be going well, problems break out. So, after the resounding 5-2 at Montpellier last night, after the 4-0 in the Super Cup and the 5-0 at the first of the championship, here is a new penalty-gate, in a social sauce.

Perhaps even more disruptive than the one experienced in 2017, in the first Parisian season of Neymar, but also the protagonist of this second version, revisited. At that time, Cavani was in the Brazilian’s sights. He this time nothing less than Mbappé. The former Blaugrana in the night put a couple of likes on hostile messages to the French star.


And to say that everything could have gone down with a little more diplomacy. Like the one used by the coach Galtier who made things clear in the post-match: “The first penalty taker is Mbappé, the second Neymar. And tonight they respected the hierarchy”. It is a pity, however, that things are not so obvious between the two colleagues. In fact, in the first half of yesterday’s game, when the referee whistled a first penalty against Montpellier, Mbappé immediately took possession of the ball, no ifs and buts. A signal to sailors from the Frenchman who renewed his contract in May, becoming the highest paid in the locker room (about 40 million net a year), and consequently the player “at the center of the project” of the emir’s club of Qatar, as he has been asking for some time. So Mbappé shoots, who is wrong. And it didn’t seem like a detail that none of Kylian’s companions went to console him. Certainly not Messi and Neymar who until then seemed to be with their eyes closed, but not seeing for their colleague. Time 20 ‘, and here is another hand ball in the Montpellier area. More rigor. And here comes the first bickering. In fact, Neymar takes the ball and places it on the spot, where Mbappé joins him. Very blatantly the French begins to speak to him. It is evident that he is asking him to let him go back. Neymar, however, does not yield and remains with his hands to position the ball. So Mbappé ends up walking away sulking. While the Brazilian, after the usual mesmerizing run-up, displaces the goalkeeper, doubling up. Everyone celebrates. Mbappé too, it must be said goes to compliment.


It could have ended there despite the similarity with the fight that took place in September 2017 for a PSG-Lyon. Neymar had then just arrived in Paris with the aura of the most expensive player in the world. But Cavani at the time was also the idol of the fans. So the Matador considered himself the chosen penalty taker. The fault of the technician Emery who had not established the new hierarchies. So when that first penalty came, Dani Alves decided on the moment who blew the ball to the Uruguayan and handed it to his friend Neymar, for the advantage. In the second half, however, another penalty. The Matador then “seized” the ball and did not yield to Neymar’s insistent and blatant requests to leave it to him.

The Brazilian walked away as morose as Mbappé yesterday, but then Cavani made a mistake. In short, the points in common are many, even if in the post game the disagreement seemed to have returned, despite Mbappé’s posture, several times caught complaining about missed passes and mistakes of others. Without even celebrating the 3-1 goal, on the development of a corner by Neymar. The player’s entourage made it known that Kylian played despite a personal problem, which would have disturbed him. But much more problematic for PSG are the “likes” that Neymar put on a couple of twitter messages after the game. The first: “Mbappé takes penalties only by contract. In no club in the world would Neymar be the second. By contract, Mbappé is the owner of PSG!”. The other tweet, no less controversial: “Neymar humiliated the goalkeeper again on a penalty. Mbappé made a mistake but for the coach he is the first penalty taker: an absurdity”.


In Neymar’s communication, nothing is ever left to chance. And this kind of “like” from a player followed by 57.6 million fans on Twitter (in addition to 177 million on Instagram) could not go unnoticed. So this morning, PSG, which thought it was living a rediscovered idyll with fans and media, finds itself again overwhelmed by a major controversy. To understand how advantageous for Neymar who up to now had responded best to those from Doha who no longer considered him non-transferable. To understand if his “likes” compromise his future, or if he has purposely sought a clash with those who usurped the throne of the penalty taker and more. While his friend Messi is silent on social media.