surreal scene, but the network is spatial

Lionel Messi scores a breathtaking space goal in PSG’s first league game. At home to Clermont, Galtier’s team gives their opponents 5 but what happens in the stands surprises everyone.

16 years after the last time, football has once again seen one of the most beautiful athletic gestures that have characterized this sport in recent times. It was in fact the November 25, 2006 when Ronaldinho, with the Barcelona shirt, he decided to give football one of his best goals: the Chilean against Villarreal. An impossible overturning made in a very short time span and a limited space. In 2022 to re-propose this incredible feat – from a more central position than the Brazilian who was defiled in the penalty area – was Lionel Messi, the one who Ronaldinho was able to see closely playing with it just when the Flea was giving the whole world its first feats.

The scenario this time is not the Camp Nou but the Gabriel Montpied stadium Clermont house team that had the misfortune to play the first day of the championship against PSG. The end result is 5-0 for Galtier’s team thanks to goals from Neymar, Hakimi, Marquinhos and the brace from Messi. Yes, Lionel Messi, who has decided to take the stage entirely with the fifth goal. The Argentine made the most of a assist in the kiss of Paredes who caught Messi in the penalty area, good at stopping the ball with his back to the goal, turning around in a thousandth of a second and putting the ball in the net with an overhead kick similar to that of Ronaldinho in 2006. A space goal that unleashes the audiencebut not that of PSG, but that of the home of the Clermont fans.

It is difficult to remain impassive in the face of this rare coup of class. A number that only great champions are able to accomplish and that someone like Messi certainly has no difficulty in scoring. That’s why at some point, immediately after the Argentine’s goal, the home crowd stands up and begins to applaud the Argentine champion. An unusual scene that the opposing public usually reserves especially for the great champions.

It is a goal like Messi, but Joseph Aribo made the feat: “Bravo, but also lucky”

It happened to Del Piero at the Bernabeu when with Juventus he scrambled Real Madrid with a brace and more recently a Cristiano Ronaldo when with the shirt of Real Madrid he scored an incredible overhead kick at the Allianz Stadium against the same bianconeri, receiving the applause of the entire stadium. In the small stadium in Clermont, the home fans also wanted to pay homage to Leo Messi.

His goal is something unimaginable, creepy. One of those scenes that are good for football and that make the public excite. And to think that Clermont has conceded 5 goals on the first day of the championship. Of course, against PSG you cannot expect to win, on paper there is no match, and when the champions get to workthere is no more for anyone.

The images that flow inexorably on social networks show the grandstand of the Montpied stadium standing to applaud the whole team of PSG which was slowly leaving the pitch to gain the locker room. Neymar noticed this gesture and immediately reciprocated by nodding in agreement to the home fans, appreciating it very much and making that moment even more magical.