fury of Marseille after the big fight in Nice

The big fight that characterized the match between Nice and Marseille represents one of the blackest pages in the history of French football. The invasion of the field by the Nice fans, the hunt for Marseille players and the consequent refusal of the Sampaoli team to return to the field after the interruption of the match, will continue to be discussed. The OM president is not there and the club points the finger at the League: “It is unacceptable, the referee was with us”.

The big fight that characterized the Ligue 1 match between Nice and Marseille has been defined as one of the most shameful pages of French football. A very heartfelt game by both fans, an aspect already known to the police on the eve, but that no one would ever have imagined could lead to an episode of such gravity. It all happened in the 72nd minute when the Marseille player, Payet, during a corner kick, he was repeatedly hit by a throw of bottles from the sector occupied by the home fans. The player responded by throwing those bottles back into the stands, unleashing the wrath of the coastal supporters who did invasion of the field on the hunt for Marseille players.

The latter then returned to the locker room refusing to return to the field to resume the match interrupted 1-0 in favor of Nice after Dolberg’s goal. L’Equipe today brought to light the words of the president of Marseille, Pablo Longoriawho explained the club’s decision not to let Sampaoli’s team return to the field after what happened. “They had decided to resume but we have thought about the safety of our players – says the president of the OM – The safety of our players was not guaranteed. “

What are Nice and Marseille risking after what happened on the pitch

Longoria talks about a lack of safety for the team and an environment that is not ideal for the continuation of a football match: “This is the second time, we have already experienced it in Montpellier where we decided to continue after the decisions made – continues the number one of Marseille – What happened today (Sunday) is unacceptable. We must not make it a precedent for French football “. Then the revelation about the referee: “The referee was with us and confirmed that safety was not guaranteed. But the League decided, for reasons of public order, to resume the match. This is not acceptable, which is why we decided to return to Marseille.”

The Tudor method upsets the locker room of Marseille: a frightened team, they call the president

In fact, the Marseille players remained in the locker room for more than an hour awaiting the referee’s decision and after long talks with the police forces and the Prefect, the referee then gave the green light to return to the field. Nice lined up again on the pitch, Marseille didn’t after that a brief summit by the company’s Board of Directors. But now both teams are risking a 3-0 draw. Nice for misconduct on the part of their supporters and Sampaoli’s team for refusing to return to the field.

The president of Nice instead he pointed the finger at the decision taken by Marseille not to return to the field: “If he recovers, nothing will happen from the stands. Public order goes beyond football and wisdom, everyone agreed with the Prefecture to resume the game”. For the Prefecture, in fact, the greatest risk would have been to make the fans flow out, with the risk that the 400 Marseille fans present could be attacked or that in any case it could also lead to clashes outside the stadium with consequences also on the safety of the city.