Nice Strasbourg 1-1, goals and highlights from Ligue 1

In the end it is a draw and draw between Nice and Strasbourg with both teams taking home a point. It often happens that both of them aim to make full loot but in some cases the equal can also be fine. Kevin Gameiro’s goal in the 55th minute allowed Strasbourg to counter the goal scored by Delort who had opened the ball. In the end, therefore, those who were ahead in the score did not know how to secure the result while those who had to chase completed the mission. Race that ended with the result of 1-1

Nice managed to close the first half with a 1-0 lead thanks to Andy Delort’s goal scored in the 35th minute, the equalizer came in the second half with Gameiro.
Both goalkeepers had to surrender only on the occasion of the goal: 4 saves for Kasper Schmeichel (Nice), while Matz Sels (Strasbourg) made 2 saves.

On the field there was competition and physicality: some intervention a little to the limit arrived and the referee had his work cut out. Numbers in hand, the total of yellow cards was 5 waved: 4 of which for Strasbourg and 1 for Nice.

Despite the final result of a tie, Nice have had control of the match for a long time: in addition to greater ball possession (53%), they have made more shots (13-9), and have beaten more corners (7- 3) of Strasbourg.

Dante (Nice) was the best in terms of the number of passes completed (80), even surpassing Maxime Le Marchand, the most precise in the ranks of Strasbourg (63). Le Marchand managed to make a greater number of passes in the opponent’s trocar (11 against 3 of his opponent).

Jordan Lotomba despite not scoring was the player who shot the most for Nice with 2 shots towards goal. For Strasbourg it was Alexander Djiku who tried to personally resolve the offensive actions and tried the conclusion twice, including 1 in the mirror of the goal.
In Nice, defender Melvin Bard was the best of his team in tackles won (8 out of 11 total) and contributed to the dominance of his team in the overall figure (100%). The midfielder Jean Eudes Aholou was instead the most effective in the ranks of Strasbourg with 7 tackles won in the face of a higher number of games lost (9).

Nice: K. Schmeichel, M. Bard, J. Todibo, D. Costa Santos (Cap.), J. Lotomba, A. Gouiri, R. Ilie, M. Lemina, C. Stengs, K. Thuram-Ulien, A Delort. Coach: Lucien Favre
Available: Y. Atal, B. Brahimi, F. Daniliuc, A. Beka Beka, M. Viti, T. Boulhendi, A. Ramsey, P. Rosario, A. Claude-Maurice.
Changes: Brahimi <-> Stengs (68 ‘), Ramsey <-> Gouiri (68′), Rosario <-> Lemina (68 ‘), Atal <-> Ilie (76′)

Strasbourg: M. Sels, G. Nyamsi, M. Le Marchand, A. Djiku, D. Lienard (Cap.), J. Bellegarde, T. Delaine, A. Thomasson, J. Aholou, K. Gameiro, H. Diallo . All: Julien Stéphan
Available: L. Perrin, D. Jean, E. Kawashima, I. Doukouré, M. Senaya, M. Diarra, A. Nuss, S. Prcic, L. Ajorque.
Changes: Prcic <-> Delaine (62 ‘), Perrin <-> Djiku (75′), Ajorque <-> Gameiro (81 ‘), Diarra <-> Aholou (82′)

Goals: 35 ‘(R) Delort (Nice), 55’ Gameiro (Strasbourg).
Admonitions: P. Rosario, G. Nyamsi, M. Le Marchand, T. Delaine, A. Thomasson

Stadium: Allianz Riviera
Referee: Hakim Ben El Hadj

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