815 goals on his resume, yet rejected everywhere: who will deliver United from unwanted Cristiano Ronaldo? | Premier League

“Best footballer in history zkt. club”. Who oh who offers Cristiano Ronaldo (37) and Manchester United an exit from their toxic marriage? Speculation about this has been raging in the media for weeks. Ronaldo himself has now responded briefly. “Out of 100 news stories, only five are correct.”

Ambitious. Model Prof. Experienced.

815 goals.

32 trophies. 5x Golden Ball. Holder of over 20 world records.

Looking for a new challenge (in the Champions League). Please contact the known representative if interested.


What would Cristiano Ronaldo’s resume look like? In any case, several clubs have received a spontaneous application from the Portuguese star through broker Jorge Mendes in recent weeks.

In the recent past, it seemed unthinkable that teams would let that unique opportunity pass.

Strangely enough, no one has commented so far…

Dead communication line

However, the need for Ronaldo and Manchester United is high to get rid of each other.

Early in the summer, reports began to trickle through that the attacker wanted to leave Old Trafford. Because Europa League evenings on Thursdays? There, the Portuguese has no intention of showing his tricks in the final years of his career. The record shooter belongs at the championship ball, he believes.

Ronaldo forgot his co-responsibility for United’s dramatic season and skipped the preparatory tour to Asia and Australia. “For personal reasons,” it sounded official. In the only exhibition game that the high scorer played, he left the stadium early.

Celebrity behavior that trainer Erik ten Hag – at first full of praise for Ronaldo – was difficult to manage. Due to the dramatic start to the competition, the Dutchman threw his big earner into the team after all. First as a substitute against Brighton, this weekend as a title holder in Brentford.

In both cases without success. On the contrary: the frustration on both sides grew to an unprecedented climax. According to the BBC, they have now come to the definitive conclusion at Manchester United that it is better to let Ronaldo leave.

Convinced that the presence of the Portuguese will have a negative effect on the rest of the dressing room. Because he barely talks to teammates, the communication line with Ten Hag is completely dead.

Rumors and facts

But who will answer the phone for Ronaldo?

In the international press, the Portuguese has meanwhile been linked to almost every European top club. Just as often followed an article that drew a cross over a potential transfer.

Let’s go through the rumors and facts.

Why no return to old love Real Madrid? Well, Ronaldo left in dissatisfaction and at the Royal they already have an old core. President Florentino Pérez recently reacted impulsively but tellingly to a fan who polled CR7: “Get Ronaldo back? That man is 38 years old!”

Rival Atlético Madrid also clearly fell as a destination, due to good ties with Jorge Mendes. There, the fans – before the board could deny everything – fiercely opposed a possible arrival of Ronaldo.

“Ronaldo is a player on the decline whose values ​​are in complete contrast to those of our club,” he said. Moreover, the entire operation seems financially unfeasible for Atlético.

Money is also an obstacle for Italian clubs such as Napoli, Inter and AC Milan. A return to Serie A will therefore not normally occur.

Brand new Chelsea owner Tedd Boehly, who has already had dinner with Ronaldo’s broker, has more than enough dollars. Only trainer Thomas Tuchel would not have been won over to the idea. The German is completely counting on newcomer Raheem Sterling and Kai Havertz in the striker.

Bayern Munich? Liverpool? Manchester City, which was already close to Ronaldo last year? Or another star for PSG?

None of them want a risk Ronaldo. They would much rather invest in the future than go back to the past.

Ronaldo breaks the silence: “Media tell a lot of lies”

It hurts the fivefold Golden Ball to the heart and ego. Ronaldo has been silent for a long time until now. Ronaldo makes himself heard under a message on Instagram that his broker Jorge Mendes would have offered CR7 at Atletico.

“The media tells a lot of lies. They will know the truth when they interview me in a few weeks. I have a notepad and of the 100 news stories that have appeared about me in the past few months, only five were correct. Just imagine how that is.”

We may know more in a few weeks.

Will an opportunity still fall from the sky in the last weeks of summer? Or does the Portuguese himself give in. By still making peace with a season without Champions League football and taking a constructive position at Manchester United. Or by accepting a lucrative offer from Newcastle, for example.

A sentimental and much-mentioned line of thought: a return to Sporting Lisbon, the club where Ronaldo started his great career. But does he already want to go down to a B-competition?

Time will tell.

One thing is certain: wherever Ronaldo ends up, he will want to prove all the clubs that threw his CV in the trash.