Montpellier Auxerre 1-2, goals and highlights from Ligue 1

A three-point comeback for Jean-Marc Furlan’s Auxerre who managed to completely overturn the initial disadvantage in the match played against Montpellier. For the team led by T. Savanier we went from satisfaction for having unlocked the match in their favor, to disappointment for having thrown away precious points. At Auxerre, on the other hand, the story clearly went in the opposite direction. Furlan decides to field his team with the right mix between offensive propensity and defensive balance; The first highlight of the challenge is from Montpellier: as mentioned, it is the men of Dall’Oglio who pass first when there are 39 minutes on the clock. However, the management of the advantage is not so simple. Auxerre in fact has as a ‘tactical response’ to raise the pace, gain the field and appear more and more often in the opponent’s area even if every now and then the imbalance results in the counterattack. The constant offensive push leads to the overturning of the score. It is Autret who signs the final overtaking network. The final rewards, with the result of 2-1, Auxerre. Red cards have also flown in today’s challenge. Auxerre finished the match in 9, due to the expulsions of Nuno da Costa for a double yellow card in the 88th minute and (). Montpellier also suffered the expulsions of, and of, sent to the locker room at 0 ‘for.

Montpellier managed to take the lead thanks to Mamadou Sakho’s goal in 39 minutes, closing the first half with a 1-0 result. Auxerre responded in the second with Nuno da Costa’s 70th-minute goal, before the final goal that closed the game.

Fundamental in the Auxerre victory was the contribution of Benoît Costil, engaged on several occasions, and capable of being decisive with at least 6 saves. Instead in the ranks of Montpellier, Jonas Omlin, apart from the goals conceded, did not make any intervention worthy of note.

Despite the defeat, Montpellier were in control of the match: they dominated possession (64%), and took more corners (7-2). While Auxerre prevailed for the number of total shots (7-13).

The hosts have successfully completed more passes than the opponent (498-257): Jordan Ferri (100), Sakho (79) and Nicolas Cozza (61) stood out. For the guests, Joly was the most accurate player with 38 successful passes.

Téji Savanier for Montpellier despite not having scored was the player who has concluded several times towards the goal (3 conclusions, of which 2 in the face of goal).
In Auxerre, defender Paul Joly was the best of his opponents in tackling won (13 out of 17 total) and contributed to the dominance of his team in the overall figure (100%). Midfielder Wahbi Khazri was the most effective in the ranks of Montpellier with 9 tackles won (17 played in total).

The Auxerre triumph brings three precious points as a dowry, raising Furlan’s team to 4 points in the standings. The setback of Montpellier instead leaves T. Savanier and his companions to 3 points

At the level of individual statistics, however, Autret, finished in the match scorers’ table, puts his first goal of the season on the scoresheet. From today the name of Nuno da Costa is also present in the top scorers of the competition thanks to the goal scored today.

Montpellier: J. Omlin, F. Sacko, N. Cozza, T. Sainte-Luce, M. Sakho, A. Nordin, K. Fayad, J. Ferri, W. Khazri, T. Savanier (Cap.), S. Wahi. All: Olivier Dall’Oglio
Available: B. Makouana, F. Maouassa, A. Souquet, E. Tchato Mbiayi, V. Germain, J. Chotard, M. Estève, D. Bertaud, L. Leroy.
Changes: Maouassa <-> Wahi (63 ‘), Tchato Mbiayi <-> Sacko (76′), Makouana <-> Sakho (83 ‘), Estève <-> Nordin (84′)

Auxerre: B. Costil, J. Jeanvier, J. Mendes Júnior, K. Boto, P. Joly, B. Touré (Cap.), H. Sakhi, G. Perrin, G. Hein, M. Autret, N. da Costa Jóia. Coach: Jean-Marc Furlan
Available: M. Niang, D. Léon, Q. Bernard, Y. M’Changama, R. Raveloson, K. Ruiz-Atil, B. Pereira, A. Coeff, R. Dugimont.
Changes: Coeff <-> Jeanvier (48 ‘), Niang <-> Hein (45′), M’Changama <-> Sakhi (65 ‘), Dugimont <-> Perrin (65′)

Goals: 39 ‘Sakho (Montpellier), 70’ Nuno da Costa (Auxerre), 75 ‘(R) Autret (Auxerre).
Admonitions: M. Sakho, N. da Costa Jóia, P. Joly
Expulsions: (0 °) in Montpellier and Nuno da Costa (88 °) Auxerre

Stadium: Stade de la Mosson
Referee: Mathieu Vernice

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