LIVE: The Resurrection? United lead 2-0 against Liverpool | Premier League 2022/2023

  1. 45′ – Yellow – Diogo Dalot
  2. 27′ – Yellow – Raphaël Varane
  3. 24′ – Yellow – Trent Alexander-Arnold
  4. 16′ – Goal – Jadon Sancho (1 – 0)
  1. 71′ – Cont. Jadon Sancho by Fred
  2. 59′ – Cont. Jordan Henderson by Fabinho
  3. 53′ – Goal – Marcus Rashford (2 – 0)

Will Erik ten Hag start his adventure at Manchester United with three defeats in a row? Against Liverpool, the Dutch coach is already faced with a tough challenge. Surprising: Ten Hag puts Ronaldo and Maguire on the bench and chooses Raphaël Varane and Lisandro Martinez in the center back.

  1. second half, minute 71. Substitution at Manchester United, Fred in, Jadon Sancho out
  2. The attempt is saved by David De Gea (Manchester United). The keeper went flat and was able to clamp the ball. second half, minute 67.
  3. The cross comes to Fabinho (Liverpool). His header goes to goal… second half, minute 67.
  4. Corner for Liverpool. Andrew Robertson kicks it to the far post. second half, minute 67.
  5. The linesman’s flag goes up: Harvey Elliott (Liverpool) was offside. second half, minute 65.
  6. The attempt is saved by Alisson (Liverpool), who does not give away a rebound. second half, minute 62.
  7. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) lashes out with his left… second half, minute 62.
  8. Diogo Dalot (Manchester United) can center with his right foot, but his shot is blocked. second half, minute 61.
  9. Scott McTominay (Manchester United) is whistled back by the referee. He went too far into Roberto Firmino (Liverpool). second half, minute 60.
  10. second half, minute 59. Substitution at Liverpool, Fabinho in, Jordan Henderson out
  11. Harvey Elliott (Liverpool) hits the target with his right foot, but his shot goes wide. second half, minute 57.
  12. Christian Eriksen takes the corner kick for Manchester United. He drops the ball centrally in front of the goal. second half, minute 57.
  13. Rescue from Alisson (Liverpool), who can parry the ball while diving. second half, minute 56.
  14. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) lashes out with his right… second half, minute 56.
  15. At Manchester United, the corner kick is taken by Christian Eriksen. His cross goes to the first post. second half, minute 56.
  16. Save by David De Gea (Manchester United), who can parry the ball while diving. second half, minute 55.
  17. Luis Díaz (Liverpool) lashes out with his right… second half, minute 55.
  18. VAR has reviewed the footage and has confirmed the goal for Manchester United. second half, minute 54.
  19. Marcus Rashford can score for Manchester United. The assist is in the name of Anthony Martial. second half, minute 53.
  20. Second half goal, minute 53, by Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford. 2.0.