No PSV supporters welcome at Eredivisie match with Ajax | Football

The reason is that during the duel for the Johan Cruijff Scale ‘again by a large group of PSV supporters, massive and prolonged (anti-Semitic) chants, hurtful songs and very undesirable insults were uttered at a number of Ajax players’ . This was announced by the Municipality of Amsterdam, General Director Marcel Brands, in a letter signed by Mayor Femke Halsema.

In response to Halsema’s decision not to allow Eindhoven supporters at Ajax-PSV in the Eredivisie, PSV said it “understands the decision.” The PSV management indicates “that the measure is accepted because things have happened that are not acceptable.”

A spokesperson for the club said: “Of course we regret that the good have to suffer from the bad, but we also hope that there will be a widespread awareness among supporters that the negative treatment of the opponent must end. Supporting your own team can provide a boost, but that does not apply to insulting the opponent. We hope that the realization sinks in that this has to stop and that otherwise you will dupe yourself.”

The letter of August 16, 2022

Dear Mr Brands,

On Saturday 30 July Ajax played against PSV in the Johan Cruijff Arena. Despite repeated warnings, during the match a large group of PSV supporters again uttered (anti-Semitic) chants, hurtful songs and very unsavory curses and (punishable) insults at a number of Ajax players. In addition, PSV supporters have inflicted various destruction on safety nets and toilets in the stadium, objects and liquids were frequently thrown from the box to the surrounding boxes and instructions from the stewards were not followed en masse. This eventually forced the police to deploy the riot police.

Shouting slogans like ‘Hamas, Hamas, all Jews to the gas’, ‘All Jews must die’, ‘Together they burn Jews, because Jews burn best’, ‘Kick, kick, kick them down, kick those Jews down ‘ and ‘Steven Bergwijn dirty dirty cancer Jew go and die’ is completely unacceptable and in a number of cases even punishable. This also applies to the ‘all farmers are gay’ chants from the side of Ajax supporters in the second half. The Amsterdam triangle will not tolerate these chants in our city. Of course, this also applies to the destruction of other people’s property.

On the basis of the reports in the Football and Security Chain Supply (KVV) and information from the police, the triangle must conclude that looking back from 2017, every match between Ajax and PSV in which the public was present, slogans such as ‘ All Jews on the gas’, ‘All Jews must die’ and ‘Together they burn Jews, because Jews burn best’. During the previous edition of the Johan Cruijff Scale between Ajax and PSV on August 7, 2021, the above-mentioned massive and lengthy (anti-Semitic) chants were also spoken by PSV supporters. On 27 August 2021, the triangle of Amsterdam once again made it known by letter to PSV, Ajax, KNVB and the triangle of Eindhoven that this behavior is unacceptable and warned that if the chants are repeated, the triangle will be forced to attach consequences to this. and to impose restrictive measures with regard to the presence of PSV supporters at matches in Amsterdam.

The following competition match on 24 October 2021 between Ajax and PSV in the Johan Cruijff ArenA was not without disturbances either; During the inflow and outflow of the stadium, individual and groups of PSV supporters shouted anti-Semitic slogans several times. On July 19, 2022, the triangle therefore sent another letter to Ajax, PSV, KNVB and the Eindhoven triangle to warn once again that in the event of repeated hurtful expressions and/or disturbances during the game on July 30, it will be forced to take consequences. to connect. In the letter, the triangle emphasizes that PSV and Ajax are expected to take responsibility for a decent course of the match. Even in the buses in which the PSV supporters were transported from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, the supporters were once again reminded of their responsibility for a proper course of the match and of the possible consequences of inadmissible chants and behaviour. Unfortunately, the triangle has to conclude that the PSV supporters again failed to take this responsibility during the game on 30 July. Again there were massive and lengthy (anti-Semitic) chants during the match, various vandalism and even death wishes against Ajax players Steven Bergwijn and Mohamed Ihattaren.

A warning and call by the stadium speaker just before half-time to end the chants was answered by the PSV supporters with an even more massive and clearly audible chanting of the said slogans. After consultation with the police, PSV, and KNVB, the security coordinator of Ajax considered temporarily suspending the match or having it discontinued, and the police had to prepare for a possible early outflow of the public. Because the chants stopped in the course of the second half, the game was not stopped or discontinued in the end. However, the aftertaste of the match is very sour because of the disfigured chants. The measure is now full. Despite frequent warnings, the triangle of Amsterdam has not noticed any improvement in the behavior of your supporters in recent years.

The warning stage is now over. Therefore, for the next match between Ajax and PSV in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, the restrictive measures, which you and your supporters have always been warned about and pointed out, will be implemented; The triangle has decided that the upcoming competition match between Ajax and PSV on November 6, 2022 in the Johan Cruijff ArenA will be played without PSV supporters. The triangle will then reconsider whether the number of PSV supporters present can be gradually increased again for subsequent matches. In this consideration, the behavior of your supporters around matches and in the stadiums in the coming period will of course be a crucial factor. The triangle therefore expects you to continue working with your supporters on fine-tuning your action plan to actually prevent and effectively tackle such behavior in the future.

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the Triangle of Amsterdam,

Femke Halsema

Mayor of Amsterdam